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Pulse made its foray into the Indian market as an Internet Service Provider and Internet Telephony Service provider in 2003. Ever since its inception, the statistical graph has shown a significant growth in developing customer base and carrier-interconnections with our end to end VOIP Business Solutions. Enjoying remarkable growth over the years, Pulse has managed to achieve its original goal of becoming the most preferred destination for VoIP services.

Pulse provides only 1:1 premium bandwidth. Our Internet Network is so redundant in nature since we have all the THREE major backbones out of India in our network therefore ensuring that we provide you with 99% uptime. Pulse can provide Internet on Trans Pacific & Trans Atlantic routes therefore addressing redundancy at every level. This helps you to have just one service provider rather than having many in order to ensure redundancy and cut costs thereby resulting in Direct Profit.

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Leased Line

Pulse provides premium Leased Line to clients of various sectors such as central and state government institutions, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, automobile industries, manufacturing, IT and ITES, etc. across Chennai, Pondicherry and the rest of Tamil Nadu.

Our Leased Line network is redundant in nature since we have all the THREE major international backbones. These are interconnected through our own co-location via fiber ring with RF redundancy. Thus Pulse ensures 99% uptime.


Pulse has been the most sought after destination for VoIP services by a number of top notch BPOs, Call Centers, Software companies, Corporate & Individuals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and across India.

We specialize in Unconditionally Unlimited Calling to various destinations with PSTN call quality. Many medical billing clients are being served with Pulse Unconditionally Unlimited Calling plans to North America, UK, and Australia etc.


Stateful Inspection Firewall, Application Visibility and Control, Web Application Firewall, VPN, Captive Portal, Intrusion Prevention System, Anti Virus& Anti Spyware, Anti Spam, Outbound Spam Protection, Web Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management, On – Appliance Reporting, IPv6 Ready.


A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a small telephone switch. An IP PBX is simply a PBX which supports VoIP. IPPBX saves you a substantial amount on Local/STD distance and (ISD) international calls. Moreover, the interesting point to note is that the IPPBX system enables comfortable integration with the existing telecommunication system such as PRI, analog and GSM.

The upgradation is cost efficient as it is done using software. This high-end technology would simplify your communication infrastructure at ease.

The VoIP PBX system would permit you to communicate with your branch offices all around the globe with the support of a unified platform. It also enables people to reach you on your extension without really knowing where you are located. Using Pulse IP-PBX you could be reached on your extension even when you are at another branch.

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