Pulse provides premium bandwidth to clients of various sectors such as central and state government institutions, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, automobile industries, manufacturing, IT and ITES, etc. across Chennai, Pondicherry and the rest of Tamil Nadu.

Our Internet Network is redundant in nature since we have all the THREE major international backbones. These are interconnected through our own co-location via fiber ring with RF redundancy. Thus Pulse ensures 99.5% uptime.

Pulse provides Internet on Trans Pacific & Trans Atlantic routes, thereby addressing redundancy at every level. This helps you to have just one service provider rather than having many in order to ensure redundancy,thereby cutting costs resulting in direct profit.

Pulse is the only service provider which optimizes paths on preferred routes at every level as per the client’s nature and requirement.

Bandwidth can be delivered on RF, Fiber and 4G LTE on licensed band.

Pulse has the expertise to deliver RF last mile over 100mbps with comparable latency to fiber using its high capacity devices.

Pulse engineers are equipped to handle high end Cisco routers and firewalls. This gives us the unique proposition to help the customer in his internal networks.

Pulse has the ability to implement the connectivity in any feasible location within 72 hours.

Pulse focuses on Quality more importantly than quantity, we have always operated with Performance as the key and that has won us several customers.