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Campus WIFI

At Pulse we offer solutions that completely enable your Campus with WIFI connectivity. This WIFI solution can be offered from a 500 Sq.ft Office to even a 5 Acre Campus. Our professional team does a total survey of your campus and help you with customized future ready solution.


We can help you with complete In- Building cabling of your premise.The Cabling services include Ethernet Cabling for your entire building’s LAN, A/V cabling for the surveillance of your Building, Optic fiber laying for multiple purpose. With Immense experience in cable routing, we are equipped to provide this service in the most effective manner.

Firewall Sales and Service

To provide you with total internet security, we have an expert team that works on providing you the best possible solutions with some of the best brands of Firewalls in the Globe. We systematically study your application, the user volume and your throughput to help you with a suitable firewall. Our support extends in maintaining the Firewall further from installation.

IP Devices

Being a Pioneer in Internet Telephony, we have the ideal knowledge and experience in providing you with best of the IP devices. This include world class brands of IP Phones and IP Devices, which makes us a single stop shop for your internet telephony requirements.

Networking Devices

Our support team has the complete knowledge of Networking know how, hence our service arm also extends into the field of providing you with the most ideal Network Servers and world renowned brands of Routers to suit your needs.

IPPBX Accessories

When it comes to providing you with future ready communication solution, we also keep in mind the cost effectiveness of our solution. Mobile communication has become the order of the day, to optimize the cost of mobile calling from your office extensions, we provide you with Mobile Gateways. These gateways are available with Multi port options, which can be used for different service providers.

Soft Solutions

Our Team of experts can study and customize your CRM andhelp you to integrate it to your IPPBX or Dialer systems. This can increase your effectiveness and productivity multifold.

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