VoIP – Call Back Plan


Use Pulse Callback wherever you are and Free your Voice Around the Globe. Call from any number in the world and save as much as 90% of your current long distance and international calling cost.

How does Callback work?

  • Call your associated call back number.
  • After hearing the ring tone hang up the phone. Since the connection to the callback access number never gets connected, you are not billed for this call regardless which telecom operator you are calling from.
  • Within few seconds our system will trigger a call, back to your number.
  • An IVR will prompt to enter your pin number.
  • After entering the pin number and if the pin code is valid you will be prompted to enter your destination number. Enter the number you wish to call in the following order: country code + area code or city code + number. Do not enter any prefixes like 00/011. (Make sure you are using a touch-tone phone).
  • A voice message will notify you the duration available to the destination dialed.
  • You can disconnect the called party at any moment without breaking connection with the system; therefore you can enter another phone number. To do so press subsequently the button twice on your phone & 39s keypad. When the called party ends the call first the system will ask you to enter another phone number without having to trigger the callback again.
  • You can redial a number by pressing * without breaking connection with the system.


Benefit from Callback

  • No Fast Internet Required.
  • No Software is required to download.
  • No PC required.
  • Talk from any phone, landline or mobile.
  • Save up to 90% of your current calling cost.
  • All one needs is a phone (Mobile or Landline) with ISD facility.