About Pulse Telesystems

Pulse made its foray into the Indian market as an Internet Service Provider and Internet Telephony Service provider in 2003. Ever since its inception, the statistical graph has shown a significant growth in developing customer base and carrier-interconnections with our end to end VOIP Business Solutions. Enjoying remarkable growth over the years, Pulse has managed to achieve its original goal of becoming the most preferred destination for VoIP services.

Pulse provides only 1:1 premium bandwidth. Our Internet Network is so redundant in nature since we have all the THREE major backbones out of India in our network therefore ensuring that we provide you with 99% uptime. Pulse can provide Internet on Trans Pacific & Trans Atlantic routes therefore addressing redundancy at every level. This helps you to have just one service provider rather than having many in order to ensure redundancy and cut costs thereby resulting in Direct Profit.

We are leading ISP Provider

Our Mission

At Pulse, to be the most preferred voice service provider in Asia we strive to create maximum brand awareness in the wholesale and retail segments and offer our customers the entire spectrum of VoIP business solutions. The solutions offered by Pulse are compatible with the H.323 and SIP IP telephony protocols thereby ensuring its operations with multi-platform hardware and software. Pulse Internet solution is a completly managed IP network that builds a converged platform to run all enterprise solutions. The entire backbone is built on trusted names like Cisco and Juniper to provide data capacity in terabytes and high routing / switching speed. Multi-tier network architecture is designed to avoid single point failure and offer highest network availablity. Scalability in no time is the highlighting point of pulse’s network

Pulse has its own infrastructure in Chennai, TamilNadu – India, USA with over 500 T1s and also at Canada. Pulse also has its own interconnects in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Sri Lanka & Australia in order to stay at the top and ensure our services continually and consistently meet industry standards as well as the needs of its clientele. Our uninterrupted and easy to integrate services have given enough reasons for a growing number of customers to express their satisfaction with a smile.

Technical Strength

Pulse provides highly efficient 24/7 technical support 365 days a year through online chat, telephone and email. Care is taken to deliver within a quick turnaround time to your queries.

Pulse supports Voice codec such as G.729, G.723 and G.711u with Maximum ACD, ASR and minimum PDD that ensures excellent voice quality to power tune your communication structure.

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