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8 Benefits You Reap With Call Routing In Call Centres

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 October 2, 2021

A call centre metric says that businesses with reliable omnichannel customer engagement have a customer retention rate of 89%. What does this have to do with call routing? Call routing plays a pivotal role in the telephony business to provide efficient customer service. You will be surprised by how modern technology has transformed one of the most basic call centre processes.

Call Routing: An Indispensable Tool For Call Centre Operations

Today, call routing shines with technical and digital brilliance. Features like IVR self-service and call forwarding shorten the Average Handling Time (AHT). This leads to:

  • Increased first call resolution rates
  • Quicker caller assistance
  • Multiple call routing strategies
  • Shorter holding time
  • Fewer call transfers to multiple agents
  • Significant improvement in customer experience

So, how does call routing work?

Call routing is also known as the Automatic Call Distribution system or ACD. As the name indicates, the system automatically routes calls through a routing engine and distributes them to the right agent.

In general, call routing methods vary with every contact centre, but the approach is quite similar. A standard call routing process goes through the following phases:

  • Qualifying phase

In the first phase, customer calls are sent to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This system uses a series of automated questions to categorise the call based on the caller and the reason for the call.

  • Call Queuing

Depending on the caller's answers, the ACD forwards the calls to the appropriate queues. Call queuing is based on priority, department, skills, and other policies followed by the call centre.

  • Call Distribution

Once the calls are placed in the appropriate queues, the next step is to route the calls to the right agents. Often, the call distribution phase is based on the call centre's policies. Sometimes, the call is routed to the agent who has been idle for a long time.

This complex 3-step process is accomplished in only a few minutes, allowing the caller to receive information or assistance without waiting for long. The call routing process's speed, efficiency, and clarity play a determining role in customer experience and retention. Intelligent call routing has amazing benefits for call centres, businesses, and customers who depend on their services. Let's unpack them.

Call Routing: One Solution, Multiple Merits

  • Improves Customer Experience (CX)

All call centres operate with one primary objective- to resolve customer issues and provide answers to their queries. A technically-enhanced call routing system enables this by routing calls to the right agent with the skills to assist the caller. Your customer service team will be able to improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and other customer service metrics with this skill-based routing. The result is a better customer experience and a positive brand reputation.

  • Reduces waiting time

95% of the customers hate being kept on hold. They want prompt service, and call routing caters to this demand by significantly reducing customer waiting time. Customer experience is prioritised in every stage- from picking up the call, routing it, and providing correct assistance. In the end, customers are happy with the help they receive. It apparently leads to lower call abandonment rates.

  • Handles multiple time-zones and languages

Call routing is the perfect solution for handling call distribution for various time zones and languages in an increasingly globalised world. It is particularly helpful if you have globally dispersed teams operating in different countries. You can customise your call routing rules using a wide range of IVR language options. Hence, your callers can connect with a live agent in their own language no matter what time it is in their location.

  • Optimises employee time utilisation

Thanks to call routing, call centre agents have a more balanced workload. All employees receive equal work, resulting in fewer periods of idleness. This strategy of allocating calls evenly between your agents will ensure a balanced workload and prevent your team from being overburdened.

  • Delivers latest tech options

Modern call centre software comes loaded with Artificial Intelligence and other technology provisions to redefine call management functionality. AI-powered telephone systems can craft customised greetings, tailored menus, and self-service options. They can also go one step further to assess customer sentiment and route them to an agent whose personality aligns with theirs! How's that for advanced call routing technology?

  • Enables perfect call-routing strategies

There are two goals for call-routing strategies- to provide quick client assistance and to prevent overburdening of agents. Reviewing call centre KPIs and customer feedback can help determine the best call routing strategy for a particular department or issue. Using call centre software, you can improve call handling processes such as real-time notification, call routing, shared voicemail, and simultaneous ringing.

  • Reduces Cost-Per-Interaction

The call routing system operates by quickly routing the call to the agent best equipped to handle customer queries. Customers receive all the necessary details in one call, which means they do not have to call back. As a result, the cost per interaction also decreases since less time is required to resolve customer issues.

  • Improves workforce management

There are times when customer calls can flood your call centre. When the phone is ringing off the hook, it can easily overwhelm your agents. Call routing steps in and prevents that from happening. It balances the agents' workload, giving them time to focus on every caller. With skills-based call distribution, your agents will only handle calls that require the expertise they already possess. The result? A happy agent and a happier customer!

Go For Intelligent Call Routing For Your Call Centre

For your call centre to survive the onslaught of incoming customer calls, you need an intelligent call routing system. For that, you need intelligent call centre software. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from.

You also have the fantastic option of investing in Pulse Telesystems' call routing services for your businesses in India. We provide first-class skill-based and IVR call routing to provide unmatched customer experience.

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Our intelligent call centre solution:

  • Allows you to customise the agent panel fields and dispositions as per the project needs
  • Offers API integration to upload leads
  • Offers API integration for handling calls and exporting reports
  • Comes with cloud-hosted capability with an in-built recording facility
  • Delivers end-to-end data encryption leveraging WebRTC technology

Do check out our web page for comprehensive details about our call routing services.

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