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Features You Should You Look For In An Audio Conferencing Tool

Are you unsure about what features to include in your audio conferencing solution? Worry not. We have you covered. Along with vendor support and an easy-to-use user interface, we will assist you with a list of audio conferencing solutions a good application should have. At Pulse Unified Communications service provider, the leading solutions provider in India, we ensure that your business is guaranteed the best value for money. We also make sure that the tool offers customized features irrespective of your business's size and use cases.

Follow the eight must-have features an audio conferencing application should have.

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Eight Must-Have Audio Conferencing Solutions

1.Recordings to promote inclusivity

For participants who could not attend the audio discussion, the recording feature is a blessing in disguise. This feature will benefit employees, clients, and partners since they can listen to the recordings at a convenient time. Most companies use this feature in skill enhancement programs or knowledge transfer sessions to educate colleagues about the points discussed in audio conferences.

Moreover, the audio files can be uploaded to an online learning management system that employees can access anytime and anywhere. Some conferencing platforms have editing features to refine the recorded audio.

2. Advanced audio control features

Audio conferences not only host many participants simultaneously, but also provide incredible audio control capabilities. Applications for audio conferences usually include controls like muting participants, setting different modes for different lines, or holding a Q & A session.

With the help of these advanced audio conferencing solutions, participants can now focus on what the speakers have to say without getting distracted by disruptions and other disturbances. To make conversations clear and uninterrupted, non-speakers can be muted when the speaker is talking.

3. International call facilities

Several companies in India have a large workforce overseas who needs to be connected effectively. Besides employees, shareholders and external sales channels are also part of this extended family that must be connected seamlessly. The biggest benefit of investing in audio conferencing solutions is the facility to make international calls.

Organizations can now hold untold numbers of international calls with unlimited sessions and international calls for no additional cost. For international calls, only a flat fee is applicable, and you can add participants from anywhere in the world. If the audio conference provider charges extra for international calls, make sure the contract includes the rate.

4. VoIP supported calls

Support for VoIP is essential in audio conferencing solutions. This enables participants to join or host the calls when online. Participants simply need to access their respective devices equipped with speakers and microphones. An app or website can be used to join the call. VoIP improves call clarity and accessibility, if an uninterrupted internet connection is present to avoid interruptions.

5. PIN

PINs are needed for authorized entry. Users use PINs to access a meeting, and the host needs this to start the meeting. The participants are sent these PINs via emails or invitations just before the events begin. If necessary, the teams can also reset the pins.

6. Breakout rooms

The video conferencing feature in audio conferencing software allows small groups to break away from large groups to separate virtual rooms. For one-on-one discussions or follow-ups, this feature is highly effective.

7. Call scheduling feature

Using audio conferencing as a scheduling tool can eliminate redundant meetings. Using this feature, employees will not be scheduled for two meetings at once, thereby preventing scheduling conflicts. Calls are usually scheduled in advance and updated in the group calendar to increase participation. You can even schedule events one at a time.

8. Keypad functions

By using the keypad functionality, participants can control the conference with keypad commands. It is particularly useful when users have to enter passwords or do operations like muting or unmuting. For audio conferencing solution providers, external devices are often provided, but virtual keyboards are provided for mobile use on a high scale.


The next step is selecting the best application based on the features you need the most. Shortlist your vendor choices based on their USPs and optimize your search. Look at their website and see if you can utilize the features they offer.

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