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 January 6, 2020

Pulse Biometric is a security system that provides conditional access after scanning for unique physical characteristics. A reader scans the face, fingers, irises and veins for unique traits, converts the data into digital format (template) and then uses a complex algorithm to make a match. According to Pulse, the system is foolproof and there is little or no chance of it being misused, making it a must have for home owners, financial institutions, corporate IT companies, transport companies and many more industries.

Access control is an important step towards mitigating an organization’s security risks. Considering this an important aspect in every part of a company’s business activity, Pulse provides its access control system product to customers to maintain and manage their focus on security, ensuring that customers premises, staff, products and data are secure. The turn key solutions with tailor made products and services have made us a synonymous brand in the field of Biometrics. Since Biometrics, we have diversified widely in providing solutions across the entire verticals in the security industry.

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