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 November 8, 2020

ILL-Internet Leased Line

Today’s fast and connected world needs superior internet connectivity which is reliable and secure. Enterprises use Internet Leased Lines(ILL) for their connectivity which is mandatory for their daily operations. Why ILL? Business houses need connectivity solutions for continuity in operations. This will help to do a lot of activities such as online transactions, data and […]
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 October 4, 2020

Save On Mobile Calling Charges Using Pulse Mobile VoIP

Pulse Mobile VoIP saves up to 80% on your ISD calls instead using your GSM service. You need to have 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity on your mobile phone to make international calls using Pulse Mobile VoIP. Using Wi-Fi connection you can avoid paying the international roaming charges when you call using Pulse Mobile VoIP from […]
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 September 9, 2020

IVR, VoIP Technology in Hospital Industry

The IVR technology has become very common in the day-to-day life of every human. The latest technology has made daily life easier in every task such as paying bills over the phone, checking account balance/outstanding dues, flight/train schedules etc. The IVR software has significantly improved in recent years and it has become an important part […]
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 August 17, 2020

Operations in Tamilnadu

Pulse obtained Universal License to operate in Tamil Nadu including Pondicherry on 22nd January 2015. Our operations are been expanded to geographical area assigned by connecting clients for Internet Leased Line and VoIP. Pulse provide Internet Bandwidth on Fibre/RF, VoIP, IPPBX, Dialer along with associated equipment’s that are required solution to clients in Tamil Nadu. […]
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