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 November 11, 2021

The Perks of Cloud IVR for Business Communications

In the midst of a crazy Monday schedule, your refrigerator breaks down, forcing you to call the company's customer service. You dial the number, and the Interactive Voice Response system greets you in a cheerful tone. Within seconds, it redirects you to the right agent who books a service for your refrigerator. And voilà! Your […]
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 October 2, 2021

8 Benefits You Reap With Call Routing In Call Centres

A call centre metric says that businesses with reliable omnichannel customer engagement have a customer retention rate of 89%. What does this have to do with call routing? Call routing plays a pivotal role in the telephony business to provide efficient customer service. You will be surprised by how modern technology has transformed one of […]
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 August 10, 2021

Voice Broadcasting: IVR Blast

A Voice Messaging Service or Voice Broadcasting or Call Blasting is the process by which an individual or organization uses computer technology to send pre-recorded phone messages to a number of community members at a single time. Voice Blasting Solutions Pulse Call Blasting Solutions can deliver a customized message and request touch-tone responses from recipients. […]
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 August 2, 2021

Cloud-Based Call Centre Software and Solutions

A contact centre is a centralized place for receiving or making customer transactions through email/phone etc. Contact centre technology involves multiple parameters such as sending and receiving nodes, hardware, and software-based PBX solutions and call centre support systems. Why Cloud Contact Centre? Contact centre technology is used by IT, ITES, BPO, and KPOs as part […]
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