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 April 3, 2020

How to Apply OSP License?

What is OSP : OSP is nothing but the abbreviated form of ‘Other Service Provider’. A company providing Application Services is said to be Other Service Provider. ‘Application Services’ means providing services such as e tele-banking, tele-medicine,tele-education, tele-trading, e-commerce, call centre, network operation centre and other IT Enabled Services, by using Telecom Resources provided by […]
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 March 15, 2020

Importance of CCTV Surveillance Camera

In the early days, people believed in their words and acts and there was nothing more important for them and will endeavor their best to stay aware of their statements. Days gone and years passed, the innovation created alongside human's craving and greed, in this way become a mandate to have a third eye to […]
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 February 11, 2020

Know Everything About Internet Leased Line

Pulse Telesystems set its imprint and made its foray into the Indian telecom market in 2003 as a Voice solution provider and subsequently in 2007 set its flag flying high by entering the Data market with the Internet leased line for the Enterprise customer. Network Infrastructure and Technology Having a scalable and robust network was […]
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 January 6, 2020


Pulse Biometric is a security system that provides conditional access after scanning for unique physical characteristics. A reader scans the face, fingers, irises and veins for unique traits, converts the data into digital format (template) and then uses a complex algorithm to make a match. According to Pulse, the system is foolproof and there is […]
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