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Route Calls Effectively

Why worry about missing a call when our call routing services can help to route incoming calls to live agents?
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Call Routing

Route incoming calls efficiently to live agents using an IVR or a strategy that connects the customer quickly to the respective agent. The correct routing strategy will save your agents and customers a lot of time and effort. The various strategies available are parallel ringing, round-robin, linear, etc.
Flow diagram showing how a customer accesses the IVR menu, chooses a language from Tamil, English or Hindi, is connected to a team support expert, and is then rerouted to an agent who is available

Skill Based Routing

Route incoming calls based on skills assigned to users. This intuitive feature increases customer satisfaction and first call resolution. Skill may be language, domain expertise, seniority, etc.

IVR Based Call Routing

Incoming calls are routed with respect to client responses to the IVR. The IVR could further route calls to direct users, groups (like sales, support, etc.) with different skill levels or even to a voicemail box. Call forwarding can also be done to reach out to a specific person.

Flow diagram of a customer connecting to IVR - pressing 1 connects to billing, pressing 2 connects to support and pressing 3 connects to sales support
An inbound call to 18001231234 dialed and the flow line split into two instances, wherein, during business hours, a call is connected, and outside of business hours or during holidays, a cross symbol is displayed to indicate that the business is unavailable


Route calls with respect to time range so that customers get connected round the clock 24 hours. Play customised messages to customers in case they try reaching you during your non-business hours.

Route Your Incoming Calls With Multiple Smart Strategies

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