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Campaign creation

Create calling campaigns for various customer touchpoints. You can create a campaign for each product that you wish to sell or for other processes like payment collection. Campaigns help you sort your overall calling process.

Manage your campaign

Create agents and map them under the respective campaigns and also upload leads. Let your agents be always focused as you have all the lead information ready for them to reach out to the customer with the inbuilt CRM features.

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Create auto campaigns

Auto campaigns dial out to the specific customer group with an automated stored message. This feature can be used for a large-scale campaign. You could also collect inputs from the customers via DTMF to understand trends and customer acceptance.

Campaign reports

Create reports making use of the multiple fields and dispositions available for each call in the campaign. These reports add value to the campaign and help in giving direction for future campaigns.

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Advantages of Campaign

Call Grouping

Group customers and calling processes for clear analytics


You can manage your campaign from anywhere anytime just by using login credentials.

High Productivity

Accelerate calling to customers with a focused approach

Establish Your Brand by Resonating With Your Customer's Thoughts

Campaign Use Case

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A collection agency can effectively utilise Pulse calling campaigns to achieve the best collection volume by simply sorting the leads with respect to service, location and language. The Sorting of leads into campaigns ensures that the right agent is mapped to the right lead.

When you power this campaign with Pulse predictive dialing, you are bound to get the best productivity and reach your collection targets faster.

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