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 August 2, 2021

A contact centre is a centralized place for receiving or making customer transactions through email/phone etc. Contact centre technology involves multiple parameters such as sending and receiving nodes, hardware, and software-based PBX solutions and call centre support systems.

Why Cloud Contact Centre?

Contact centre technology is used by IT, ITES, BPO, and KPOs as part of their business operations. A contact centre can be an in-house setup or an outsourced setup. With the advancement in technology and changing business needs, cloud-based contact centre solutions are gaining popularity. Cloud-based contact centres are easy to set up, can be scaled quickly, highly reliable with better uptimes, and secure due to incorporating various encryption standards. Furthermore, with more and more operators providing cloud solutions, cloud contact centres are also becoming affordable.

Cloud contact centres use cloud calling technology which is also known as cloud telephony. Cloud Telephony involves hosting a contact centre solution with IP-PBX hosted in the cloud, which makes the solution accessible across the globe. Hosting of services can also be done at any part of the globe based on customer’s requirements.

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Pulse offered cloud contact centre setup comes with the below unique advantages:

  • End to end solution including minutes, calling software, cloud hosting, and reporting.
  • A robust solution that is reliable, scalable, and highly available.
  • Cloud hosting can be enabled within India or any part of the globe.
  • Highly secured as the platform follows KMS encryption standard.
  • Can be customized based on customer requirements.
  • Adheres regulatory guidelines.
  • Integration with various CRM feasible.
  • Calls Statistics – Barge, call transfer, forwarding recording, CDR & CRR, and voicemail, IVR, Time condition, Hunting, call pickup and call disposition details
  • Queue: Ring all, linear, Round robin, call parking.
  • Browser/IP phone/softphone based calling.
  • Speed DTMF to increase efficiency for alphanumeric inputs.
  • Super admin, Team leader, and user logins.
  • Call count filter option for all users/single user Agent live monitoring.
  • Dashboard with customized report generation.
  • Automated CDR mails/voicemail to email/FTP transfer voicemail to email and vice-versa.
  • Increased agent productivity through live monitoring and additional call features.
  • Data free calling for poor internet users.
  • SMS/email integration.


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