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A single, powerful solution to provide superior customer experience with an integrated cloud-based contact centre.
Pulse Call Center Management Software

Call Management Software for Enterprises

Pulse Cloud Call Centre platform is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all your enterprise calling requirements. Pulse makes managing your workforce easier than ever whether they are working from home or office. You can make, or receive any number of calls and route smartly to respective teams. We help you create advanced reports and gain access to insightful analytics.

Our Cloud Call Centre solutions can transform your contact centre into a full-featured, scalable and reliable multi-channel solution. We provide the best hassle-free experience to your customers.

Some of the key features of the call centre platform
Call routing

Route incoming calls to the available right agent, with the best routing strategies that optimise agent time and customer experience.

Create intuitive voice responses that engage your customers and guide them to the desired agent or information.
Call recording

All calls recorded for future auditing purposes to help customer service agent interactions meet the required quality of service levels and compliance recommendations.

Work from Home

Enable work from home users to utilise our powerful cloud calling platform through our two leg calling technology for the best call quality.

Call queue

Create smart queues for waiting calls to optimise the number of agents required.

Encrypted calling

All calls are encrypted to provide a better level of security. Packets flow through secure TLS ports and web sockets for enhanced security. Make your company calling process comply with the leading security standards by using the Pulse cloud contact centre platform.

Call Forwarding and Call Transfer

Forward calls to a particular number always or only during specific time intervals. Transfer calls to any agent or department of your choice while on call.

Live monitoring

Monitor the live status of the sales and customer service agent performance and metrics to see if they are on a call, idle or unavailable.

Unanswered calls can be routed to a voicemail feature where the customer can leave a message (voicemail). The voicemail is instantly mailed to the respective agent or group for quick action and response. A customized voicemail greetings can be configured individually.
Call barging

Barge calls, listen to live conversations and also instruct agents during a live call directly from the live monitoring panel.

Robust Analytics

Comprehensive monitoring tracks call centre performance and caller trends to glean valuable business insights via the analytics dashboard.

Call Center Solutions
Customer Journey

A user-friendly feature that offers agent access to updated customer information for better customer interactions and recommended actions. The feature provides agents with a good platform to enhance productivity, efficiency and achieve results.

Call Center Solutions
Security & Compliance
Completely secure and well-shielded carrier-class network with multi-level protection and round-the-clock monitoring against security issues. 2FA and MFA enabled for an extra blanket of protection.
Call Center Solutions
Call Logs

Detailed call log information with CRR and CDR concerning the call's date, agent, nature, availability of filtering options and customised call log reports. Voicemail for missed calls is directed to the email with a recording file.

Call Center Solutions
Noteworthy Perks of Pulse Call Centre Solutions India
  • Improves agent quality and employee self-improvement to unleash your team's potential.
  • Facilitates quick and hassle-free scalability with zero Infrastructural and maintenance costs.
  • Increases business agility to adapt to market trends and facilitate lower costs with various call centre features and options.
  • Connect your customer to the right agent with skill-based geographical routing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus.
  • Enables the induction of additional agents to handle off-hour calls and allows remote working for agents.
  • Provides excellent call quality and unlimited concurrent calling with a powerful voice architecture.

Scale Your Customer Experience With Our Call Management Software

Top-Notch Use Cases of Pulse Call Centre Software India

Dynamic Notifications

Sends automated outbound voicemails, texts, and emails to provide your clients with timely reminders, notifications, appointments, and payment due dates. You can also send updates regarding schedules, promos, deliveries, and alerts.

Call Routing

Facilitates smart call routing to reduce the waiting time and caller churn. Ensures that all calls are promptly answered and emergency calls are prioritised. Enables efficient management of peak hours with a better customer satisfaction.

Insightful Analytics

Tracks call centre's performance and derives real-time information regarding the interaction source, the agent, and the context. Allows you to get deeper insights to make valuable decisions. Analyses the call-flow ratio to increase staff during peak hours

Diagrammatic representation of call center benefits.

Know More About Pulse's Cloud Management Solutions

When migrating to the cloud, do we need an it administrator to manage our VoIP call centre?

Not at all. At Pulse, our team takes care of your migration to ensure the best experience for your customers. We handle all the system management, maintenance and upgrades. Besides providing comprehensive supervisor and agent training, we also provide an extensive knowledge base to help make your team self-sufficient.

Is it possible to set up custom integrations in my cloud-based contact centre?

Of course, you can. Our team will collaborate with you to determine the needs of your integration and recommend a better way to increase your productivity. We will present you with an architectural diagram to understand the process. The project will be completed within the stipulated time frame.

Do we have the option of using our existing telephone system and numbers with your hosted call centre solutions?

Yes, we can integrate your existing numbers and telephone systems with our call management platform. Our call centre software solutions are designed to work with any IP-based device. It is a centralised solution that can facilitate access from any required location.

In which countries does Pulse offer cloud call centre solutions?

Pulse has a major presence in India and the Middle East. Our organisations' call centre services cover most countries in the APAC region.

How will your call centre solutions improve my call routing?

Real-time updates and direct routing to agents are part of our integrated call centre solutions. By using our solutions, you can be assured that a knowledgeable agent will answer your customer calls. It's also an ideal solution for remote agents. Using our call centre cloud solutions, your customers will have a great call-in experience. Furthermore, when agents are unavailable, customer calls can be forwarded to GSM numbers.

How reliable are cloud contact centre solutions compared to premise-based systems?

The reliability of cloud-based solutions is equivalent to that of premise-based solutions. The cloud infrastructure is housed in geographically redundant data centres and managed by experts to provide uptime of 99.5% or better. Furthermore, disaster recovery is not an issue as agents can work on any problem from any location. All they need is a device with an Internet connection. With cloud-based contact centre software, the challenge of moving from on-premises PBX can be eliminated.

What level of support is integrated with my virtual cloud call centre software?

At Pulse, we ensure that all customers using the cloud contact centre's platform have easy access to live support via email or phone calls. We also give you the option of creating service tickets or chatting with our team from your user interface. We also offer round-the-clock customer support.

Please explain an inbound call centre.

Inbound call centres manage all your incoming communication channels, such as emails, text messages, calls, and live chat queries. Call routing and agent availability are key elements of effective inbound call centre solutions. A robust inbound call centre is primed to handle large call volumes and easy routing of calls with technical support and call-back processes. When calls are routed to the right agent, the customer can receive the required answers without delay. We can also integrate our solutions with the existing CRM and Helpdesk applications in your organisation.

What are the coaching features available on your call management software?

Our software is packed with features that allow you to see live analysis, real-time transcripts and create customised real-time comments for the agent to use. Your supervisor call also supports the agent on a live call with or without the knowledge of the customer.

Is it possible to customise my phone numbers, users, and call queue on my own?

No. Our cloud call centre solutions are not designed to give you complete control over your virtual call centre operations since the commercials are derived from the user level. We will enable the facility on a case-by-case basis.

How do call centres and contact centres differ?

Call centres specialize in phone calls or voice communications. The term contact centre refers to a call centre that uses various forms of communication like email, chatbots, social media, etc. An additional term used frequently in contact centres is “omnichannel communication”.Pulse offers both call centre and contact centre solutions.

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