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Differences Between Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Centre

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Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Center are two examples of cloud-based communication solutions. They are used in conjunction with a cloud platform to provide better customer service.

A PBX or Private Branch Exchange allows a company to make phone calls using traditional telephone hardware, computer integrated telephony, or softphone solutions
without the additional expense of infrastructure management.

Cloud-based Contact Center is a comprehensive suite of tools, applications and cloud-hosted services designed for customer service and engagement. A Cloud Contact Center is one of the most important factors in increasing customer satisfaction. It allows organisations to modernise their contact centres using the most up-to-date cloud communications technology.

Pulse offers the best cloud-based call centre solutions in India. As a leading telecom solutions provider, Pulse helps organisations migrate their customer care infrastructure to the cloud and improve business agility, security, and compliance.

So, what are the stark how does cloud PBX differ from a cloud contact centre? Let's dive into the details.

Cloud PBX Vs Cloud Call Centres

How They Work:

A Cloud PBX Solution allows businesses to map multiple phone numbers to a single trunk line to allow for better call routing, customer service delivery and an overall better customer experience. The cloud PBX feature displays the caller information to the agent when a call connects so that they can provide first-call resolution on the first attempt.

The Cloud Contact Center provides access to all of the tools needed to effectively handle customer interactions, regardless of whether those interactions take place via phone call, email, webchat or social media. Using a Cloud CC, agents can operate on a single monitor, with all relevant information displayed on the same screen.

The features:

Cloud PBX

  • A click-to-call feature allows visitors to call a company simply by clicking a link on a company's website.
  • Allows for the collaboration of agents, such as screen sharing, call transfer and call conference, to provide the best possible service to the customer base.
  • Provides an API interface for integration with other cloud services, allowing for a central reporting and management interface across all platforms.

Cloud Call Centre

Cloud telephony applications make it easier to manage incoming and outgoing calls for a business and include several productivity-improving and monitoring features.

  • Multi-channel integration allows agents to make and receive calls on both their desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously. This feature increases productivity.
  • Skill-based routing and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) allows organisations to better match callers with the most appropriate agent to meet the caller's needs.
  • Omnichannel allows organisations to maintain a presence across various communication channels, allowing agents to provide superior customer service and increase productivity.
  • Comprehensive integration allows multiple customer outreach channels to provide a 360-degree understanding of customers and their needs.

The Advantages

Cloud PBX

PABX is a hosted telephone system that replaces traditional business telephone equipment such as a Telkom PABX or IP PBX and TMS (telephone management system) with hosted service. PABXs are used for internet infrastructure and are less expensive than traditional analogue calls.

Cloud Contact Centre

A recent Gartner case study showed that moving a contact centre to the cloud can increase customer satisfaction. A cloud contact centre is cutting edge and can be used for deeper customisations, such as advanced routing, whisper coaching, knowledge base integration, advanced auto attendants, and interactive voice response.

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing can be integrated into a stable cloud contact centre platform. Detailed analytics and logging tools such as call and screen loggers keep supervisors informed about call centre operation.

Additionally, reporting and analytics can provide real-time metrics and insights to help management and staff make adjustments on the fly. Cloud call centres can provide advanced dialers that can perform predictive dialing, saving time for agents who would otherwise have to dial out manually and wait for the call to be connected.

How To Make The Call

To make the best possible choice, understand the business requirements before purchasing cloud-based call centre software. Finally, it all boils down to one thing: which is the best choice?

The Cloud-Based Business Phone System can reduce IT support costs by reducing the need to maintain physical servers. The software is protected by

  • SSL encryption
  • Pattern recognition
  • Hard credit limits
  • Virtual private networks
  • Hidden SIP configuration details.

This is why it is nearly impossible to achieve the same level of security with an onsite PABX system.However, if you want to save money, consider a cloud PBX solution; if you want to improve the customer experience, use Cloud Contact Center Software.

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Cloud PBX vs Cloud Contact Centre

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Caught in a dilemma of choosing between a Cloud PBX and a Cloud Contact Centre? Although both solutions sound similar, they are distinctive in their features, functions, advantages, and disadvantages. To make the right choice, one must know the basic meaning of a Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Centre. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a hosted communications solution. It provides services as an on-premise solution but without additional infrastructural costs.

On the other hand, a cloud contact centre is a comprehensive set of tools, cloud-hosted services, and applications to handle customer service. It is a bit more technically sophisticated because it integrates multiple channels and comes with advanced features. Please read our article to know to understand the differences.

Pulse offers high-quality cloud-based call centre solutions in India. Pulse is a reliable and leading telecom solutions provider offering state-of-the-art services to renowned business organisations in the country.

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