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Are You Ready To Shift To The Cloud?

If you've used on-premises communication technology for years, it's only fair to want to move to a solution that's far better, efficient, effective, and innovative. Something like a cloud contact centre. Many businesses are moving their contact centres to the cloud call centre or CCaaS.

It is a sensible step to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a distinctive customer experience. Furthermore, cloud call centre solutions offer flexibility, cost optimisation, and scalability on-demand, eliminating the need for physical infrastructure, unlike traditional call centres.

We outline seven reasons to consider moving your on-premise call centre to the cloud, should you still be mulling over this decision.

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Reasons To Switch To The Cloud With Immediate Effect

1. Scalability

With cloud call centres, scalability is effortless. The process does not require any tedious efforts, additional expenses, and infrastructure. Cloud technology allows expanding usage with more agents and additional geographical locations. It gives organisations the power to scale up and down with the fluctuating business demands, seasonal spikes in call volumes, emergencies, and service disruptions.

2. Remote working

If you are a business that prioritises remote working and distributed teams, a cloud call centre is just what you need. The cloud unifies customer support agents from any location, enhances the workflow, and enables business continuity. Moreover, cloud-based solutions are user-friendly and do not require in-house technical staff as the software has all the necessary built-in support.

3. Integration

When opting for cloud contact centres, you need not worry about swapping or upgrading your existing software. Cloud technology integrates seamlessly with your CRM, ERP, and many other applications. The cloud call centre software features an API that facilitates quick and easy integration and equips your business with omnichannel communication. This integration enhances your customer service and customer experience, which are vital parameters for your company.

4. Cost-effectiveness

It is no secret that traditional call centres are expensive to install and maintain. The list also includes the recruitment of technical support staff, hardware, licenses, and many more unforeseen expenses. However, you require only a strong internet connection, a desktop computer, and a headset for an omnichannel channel contact centre. Furthermore, you need to pay only for a flat-rate cloud license, which ensures you make significant savings without compromising service quality.

5. Security

Cloud-based call centres have layers of built-in security features to protect their client's customer data and the systems themselves. Cloud call centre security is more robust and reliable than on-premise security measures since updates happen automatically.

6. Speed

On-premise call centre installation can take weeks, if not months, to be set up, install the applications, apply the configurations, and test the installation. On the contrary, a cloud call centre is a ready-to-go product that can be up and going within a couple of days.
You can also deploy new features and services quickly and get your agents up to speed with the new technology through the software's unified, intuitive interfaces.

7. Analytics

Businesses can gather vital customer information through cloud call centre solutions. It lets you track inbound and outbound calls, measure marketing ROI, and track agent performance. These insightful analytics prove to be handy while taking crucial decisions about scaling up or scaling down your cloud call centre.

8. Management

As well as simplifying call management for agents, cloud-based contact centres offer self-service options for customers. Using chatbots, virtual assistants, interactive voice recognition (IVR) and Artificial Intelligence, customers can answer common questions. They can also complete transactions without speaking to a live agent. This allows agents to spend more time dealing with more complex calls.

Pulse - Delivering The Finest Call Centre Cloud Solutions In India

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