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The Myths Surrounding Cloud-Based Call Centres

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Cloud contact centres or virtual contact centres are famous for the right and wrong reasons. While many companies embrace the groundbreaking cloud-based call management software, others are very wary about investing in the solutions. One of the main reasons that are holding them back is the numerous doubts, myths, and misconceptions plaguing cloud contact centres. Hampered by these myths, businesses cannot carve out a market channel with high-profit potential.

Our article aims to dispel the most infamous myths with factual explanations to help you understand the real benefits of choosing virtual contact centres.

6 Myths About Cloud Call Centres And The Facts Behind Them

Myth 1: Virtual contact centres are expensive

Fact: Unlike on-premise call centres that require extensive installations, software, hardware, space, and other paraphernalia, a virtual call centre saves up to 15% of the costs. The technology eliminates the need for expensive physical infrastructure and can operate with a reliable internet connection and a digital device.

Myth 2: Call Management Software is low-tech

Fact: Cloud technology is one of the modern marvels of the digital world, and cloud-based call centre software is one of its advanced tools. The software can seamlessly integrate a full-featured power dialer with an organisation's CRM platform. The high-tech features include Click-to-call, inbound IVR routing, automatic dialing, call queuing, call recording, bulk SMS, and audio and video conferencing. In a nutshell, the software can easily streamline your business communication channels for better customer service.

Myth 3: It is impossible to monitor agents.

Fact: Many call centre managers worry that constant monitoring can dent their agent's productivity and performance. On the contrary, virtual contact centre software enables real-time monitoring with various digital tools. Supervisors can use these tools to track each agent's performance and productivity.

Myth 4: Customers want to talk to real people alone.

Fact: The reality is that customers want solutions to their problems and answers to their queries. Hence, it doesn't matter who answers their calls. Cloud platforms powered by chatbots and Artificial Intelligence can understand the client's query and provide a correct answer without delay. Chatbots answer simple queries and give agents much-needed time to deal with complex problems.

Myth 5: Chatbots will soon replace human agents

Fact: Not at all. The need for the human touch in call centre services is inevitable, despite various tools designed to ease agents' workload. Chatbots and caller-activated response systems are indeed instrumental in streamlining your customer service. However, a human voice with the right response and interactive skills holds more value than a chatbot. Therefore, bots aren't likely to replace humans in the near future.

Myth 6: Customers prefer browsing through websites than calling contact centres.

Fact: Customers call contact centres when they face issues or need help with your products or services. So, they won't be happy about browsing through web pages and not finding the answers they require. Call management software provides specific answers to complex questions and multiple choice answers to generic questions.

It provides tailored guidance based on customers' intent, preferences, and history. It intuitively guides customers to resolution. In today's competitive environment, you require this personalised approach to optimising your customer service.

Myth 7: It poses infrastructural challenges for remote employees.

Fact: No, not at all. Your remote employees require an internet connection of good bandwidth and a laptop, smartphone, or desktop. Armed with this minimum "infrastructure", your remote employees can easily handle the contact centre operations. They can even convert their Android phones into mini contact centres and deliver exceptional service.

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