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Call Management Software: A Boon For Today's Businesses

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Call management refers to the systems and processes used by businesses to handle incoming calls. If your business uses call centre solutions, you need a reliable management system to manage customer calls. All communication channels must be supported in some way, and the contact centre must choose a contact centre system that supports more than just voice.

In the past, customers could only communicate with an agent. Modern contact centres powered by call management software allow for intelligent routing across all channels. Call management software can be as simple as having all phones ring simultaneously or as complicated as analysing the caller's characteristics.

It can send a phone call to all agents available to take the call. Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies can accurately categorise customer issues and route them promptly.

Understanding How Call Management Software Works

Call management systems to allow customer service managers to listen to recorded calls and provide feedback to agents on how to improve their performance. Calls are intelligently routed based on call features and parameters and distributed to the appropriate agent based on skills-based routing or based on the call's time, date, or location. Contact Center routes call to agents who are qualified for the situation.

In busy contact centres, intelligent routing is key to the success of a business. This is where call management software with CRM integration can be used to direct customers to the appropriate team member. The routing algorithm routes calls based on customer intent, interaction history, time in queue, etc. Contacts can be routed to self-service solutions or chatbots. When all the support agents are busy, call queues are used to keep callers waiting.

The software also comes with important features like:
  • Call recording

Call recording enables businesses to record customer calls and track the performance of their employees.

  • Call tracking

Call tracking provides agents with information about the person who is calling.

  • Call scheduling

Call scheduling allows you to accept business calls at your convenience,

  • Call Blasting

Call blasting allows you to ring multiple numbers at once for a quicker response.

When & Why Should Businesses Invest In Call Management Software?

A faulty call management process can lead to a customer not returning the phone call and the organisation terminating the business relationship. Customers value companies that lend a listening ear to their queries without making them wait for long. A single platform with a unified omnichannel desktop can be implemented to minimise customer waiting time and optimise management.

Each system offers some fundamental characteristics. It is important to keep your requirements in mind when choosing a system to serve your customers better.

However, companies must first decide whether they want to invest in a cloud-based or on-premises system. This decision is unique to each company and requires input from various departments. If an organisation configures call routing to a specific agent, the caller should not wait in line for excessive time before speaking with the agent. Moreover, faulty call management systems can have unintended consequences, such as routing calls to the wrong agent.

Therefore it is imperative to find the right provider who offers reliable, robust, and flexible call management software. Many companies provide call management software. However, the challenge for contact centre managers is determining the additional capabilities required for the organisation.

Here are three simple reasons to invest in call management software:

If your company conducts most customer interactions over the phone, you should think about using a call centre management system for inbound calls.
If your customers schedule appointments to purchase your products or services, a call management system can improve their experience.
If your business relies on repeat customers, a nurturing system will help earn their loyalty.

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Benefits Of Call Management Software

The world today is connected with high-speed instantaneous communication. No one wants to be kept waiting, whether your customers or business associates. Empowering your call centres with call management software bestows your organisation with perks. It:

  • Simplifies making and receiving calls on cellular devices daily, thereby increasing productivity while saving money.
  • Enables agents to attend all calls, thereby significantly reducing lost or abandoned calls and loss of customers.
  • Enables business owners to manage staffing levels, improve agent efficiency and productivity to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Enables customers to receive better service as the agent has access to information about the customer's previous interactions.
  • Makes it possible to assess employees' performance, identify training needs, and implement cost-cutting measures.
  • Enables managers to listen in on calls and use this information to inform training sessions and team meetings.

The Bottom Line

Pulse Unified Communication Service Provider India offers call management software and empowers you with superior cloud-based solutions. Our platform is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your customer calls effortlessly and deliver an excellent customer experience. Visit us @ for more details.

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