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Call Centre Software - What Is It?

Customer service excellence is a top priority for all businesses, and they are ready to invest in innovative solutions to fortify their customer support. One of the most effective ways to offer that kind of support is via the phone. In today's digital world, customers prefer phone support because of the immediacy of response. Besides, the familiarity of phone support helps to cement the trust between the customer and the business.

For your service team to do what they do best, you need cloud-based call centre software that enables them to offer great customer support. Without this technical support, your customers will be left waiting on hold for a long time with no answers to their questions. Moreover, supervisors will not recognise any trends or patterns in call volume, which will guarantee chaos.

What does a call centre software do?

A call centre software automates all the communication channels that bring inbound calls and carry outbound calls. Sales and customer service departments predominantly use it in an organisation. The fundamental objective of call centre software is to manage calls of varying nature. However, the latest call management software come studded with amazing features. Let's unpack them one by one.

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6 Must-Have Features In A Call Management Software

1. CRM Integration

We are listing this feature as the first one because it is the main feature that unifies all the existing software and business tools under a single platform. CRM integration is instrumental in improving your customer service and eliminating data redundancy. When your various systems are synchronised, your agents will have seamless access to customer data and enable enriching customer service. Integration also empowers managers and supervisors to track agents and monitor their performance.

2. Call Routing

Whether automated call routing is part of your software or callers chooses their department via a set of options, it is imperative to know how call routing works. While your trial period is ongoing, try setting up and changing your workflow to avoid getting stuck with one configuration. Call routing eliminates unnecessary hassles and connects your customer with the right agent in the right department.

3. IVR or Interactive Voice Response

IVR is a response feature that allows your customer to interact with a pre-recorded automated system before being rerouted to the right agent. This system works alongside the Automated Call Distributor (ACD) and intelligently routes calls. It also gathers vital customer data so that agents have all the basic details before interacting with the customers. IVR is essential to manage high call volumes. It also eliminates the need for an agent when the caller requires basic information or help.

4. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP or cloud-based call is a phone system that uses only the internet instead of traditional phone lines and cables. Most communication providers offer this service which is more economical and easier to maintain than landlines. If you have a cloud call centre, you will need VoIP to align with your online database.

5. Omnichannel Routing

Many customers tend to use more than one communication channel, such as email, live chat, video conferencing, and social media platforms. So, it is important to establish an omnichannel presence through your cloud call management software. Choose one that allows multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and live chats. This feature allows to deliver a unified customer experience and improve frontline efficiency.

6. Remote Monitoring

For the current business scenario, your call centre software must enable you to monitor your remotely-placed agents, as most of them may be working from home. Hence, supervisors need a tool that will help them monitor and track the agents' performance. Real-time remote monitoring feature allows supervisors to snoop, barge, confer, and even take over calls.

Choose Pulse For The Finest Cloud-based Call Management Software

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