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Why Do Businesses Need Call Management Software

Did you know that the average time spent on hold with a customer is 56 seconds, and 70% of business callers are placed on hold in the United States? In today's world, communication is the backbone of a strong bond between an organisation and its customers. Today, businesses need a robust call centre cloud solution powered by effective call management software.

Call management is beneficial for all types of businesses. All organisations must seriously think about investing in cloud-based call centre solutions because they can:

  • Improve the on-call experience of your customers and the experience of other parties involved.
  • Provide real-time updates as well as reminders for missed calls and follow-up tasks.
  • Manage inbound calls by prioritising or routing them based on the customer purchase lifecycle and the agent workload.
  • Provide businesses with a customised customer experience and maximum efficiency in call handling.
  • Route calls are based on in-depth analysis of call volumes, allowing them to better serve their customers' requirements.
  • Help you to organise better and manage your business phone calls and strengthen the relationship between the two parties.
  • Categorise information generated by phone calls, conversations, and information gathering processes.

How To Choose Your Call Management Software

Before you buy a call centre management software, you need first to determine why you need a calling team and what problems you want to solve with a calling team. Once you have identified the problems, you need to map solutions. Those solutions are ultimately the features you need for your call centre management system.

Content management systems are usually VoIP-based software or services that can be customised to meet your specific business needs. Choose a call management system that does not charge a setup fee or allows you to cancel any time without incurring any penalties. Let's now check out the most common cloud-based call centre software features.

Top Features Of A Call Management Software

The most common features of a call management system are call hold, mute, call transfer, and blocking. However, if you need a lot of advanced call management functions, you could benefit from a comprehensive call management system.

Here are some of the must-have features to look out for in a call management software that you plan to implement for your business.

1. Auto Conferencing

Audio Conferencing allows businesses to monitor campaigns and agent performance in real-time. This allows supervisors to barge into a call, whisper tips to existing agents, or halt campaigns with unusually high call dropout rates. Because it saves time, it makes agent training and onboarding efficient. It also makes customising and routing simple and quick to implement. Most online telephone systems allow users to participate in audio conferences, but this is often limited by the number of participants and conference bridges.

2. Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution is the ability to transfer / route calls to the most appropriate agent based on time of day, skills/multi-skills, campaign, and other factors. Some agents may be busy with other leads when a call comes into the call centre. This feature ensures that a call is routed to the first available agent.

3. Auto Recording

Auto recording ensures that your call centre team records all incoming and outgoing calls without you having to do anything. The recording of phone calls and SMS messages can help you determine the cumulative performance of an agent over time. Call recordings can provide feedback to individual agents on their calls and can also be used by clients to double-check the information they have provided.

4. SMS tracking

SMS messages, in addition to phone calls, can be lost in transit, and SMS tracking helps you determine which messages should be transformed into automated scripts. Using SMS tracking, you can keep track of all text messages sent and received by your agents. Leads and customers can be sent automated messages such as, "I called, but you were busy," if they could not pick up the phone.

5. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

When a customer calls an insurance call centre, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will be the first point of contact they have with the company. An automated call classification feature allows the customer to self-serve themselves. Beyond the IVR, your call centre management software must allow you to transfer calls and forward leads so that your call centre agents can be proactive. Above all, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows businesses to provide their customers with a customised service.

6. Advanced Speech Recognition

When used in conjunction with interactive voice response systems, advanced speech recognition improves the customer experience. Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and can provide customers with a natural and human-like conversation. Any phone system will include the bare minimum of auto-attendant functionality. However, a multi-tiered auto-attendant system can provide advanced features like customised caller greetings and the ability to route a call to multiple numbers.

7. CRM Integration

CRM integration with the call management system allows you to store your customer information in a single location. With CRM Integration, your agents can be proactive even when calling leads since they can transfer and forward calls, see all of their callers, prioritise according to importance. Your call centre agents can sometimes double as sales representatives because the CRM or lead management software shows them all the information they need about the leads.

8. Call Analytics

Call Analytics allows businesses to understand the efficiency of their business calls by using real-time data. A 360-degree deep dive into system-generated call reports is a fantastic resource for determining insightful next steps. Using information from a comprehensive performance report, it is possible to learn about general issues within the call centre team and make data-driven decisions.

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Apart from these prominent features, your software should also include the following features to comprehensively address your requirements.

  • Call tracking and monitoring ensure that each agent properly answers customers' calls and follows up with them on a timely basis.
  • Basic voicemail functionality is available in almost all contact centre software and allows for customisation, such as automated transcription features.
  • Seamless integration with email, text messages, and social media.
  • Creation of transcripts of conversations and emails for quality control and customer engagement purposes.
  • Live call transfer allows agents to transfer customers without disconnecting the call. This reduces the customers' waiting time.

Benefits Of Call Management Software

The world today is connected with high-speed instantaneous communication. No one wants to be kept waiting, whether your customers or business associates. Empowering your call centres with call management software bestows your organisation with perks. It:

  • Simplifies making and receiving calls on cellular devices daily, thereby increasing productivity while saving money.
  • Enables agents to attend all calls, thereby significantly reducing lost or abandoned calls and loss of customers.
  • Enables business owners to manage staffing levels, improve agent efficiency and productivity to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Enables customers to receive better service as the agent has access to information about the customer's previous interactions.
  • Makes it possible to assess employees' performance, identify training needs, and implement cost-cutting measures.
  • Enables managers to listen in on calls and use this information to inform training sessions and team meetings.

Robust Call Centre Cloud Solutions From Pulse

Pulse is a leading telecom service provider based out of Chennai. Pulse offers robust and effective call centre management software that can be applied to any industry and used for different purposes. The software enables you to track leads and provide a better customer experience. It also puts you in control of your leads and provides unlimited concurrent calling with a powerful voice architecture.

Top Features Of A Call Management Software

Most call centre cloud solutions come with amazing features that align with the communication requirements for organizations. Armed with nearly a dozen advanced features, a call management software bridges the gap between the organization and its customers. It becomes a reliable, multi-channel solution that provides excellent customer experience. Read our article to gain a comprehensive idea about the top features of the software and how it benefits your organisation.

As India's leading telecom service provider, Pulse provides a call centre platform with features such as Call Routing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Call Recording, Work From Home, Call Queuing, Call Encryption, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Barging, and Voicemail. It also provides reliable analytics to monitor your call centre and agents' performance and allows you to make well-informed decisions. It is the right platform you need to stay connected with your customers and boost your organisational growth.

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