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Communicate Effortlessly With Pulse IVR Solutions

State-of-the-art cloud-based IVR solutions for enhanced customer engagement to power your business potential.
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Intelligent Cloud IVR Solutions

Communicate, connect, and engage your customers with Pulse's seamless and hassle-free hosted IVR solutions. We offer you an industry-leading contact centre platform that puts your customer experience first without compromising call quality.

Our modern cloud-based IVR service increases your productivity and expertise by allowing you to map departments and agents using our extension. Using our IVR software, you can create a hassle-free, fully customisable virtual assistant to meet the requirements of your complex business needs.

Route your calls appropriately, refine your customer interactions, and establish smooth communication with Pulse IVR solutions in India.

Multilingual Support

A Multi-language virtual receptionist to handle large call volumes more efficiently and economically without the need for human resources.

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Call Routing

Intelligent call routing services during non-business hours, holidays, and weekends with customised voice messages and seasonal greetings.

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Customised Solutions

Categorised menus and submenus to streamline customer queries to your database and applications through Pulse APIs.

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Enhanced Experience

A Multi-language virtual receptionist to handle large call volumes more efficiently and economically without the need for human resources.

Feedback Mechanism

Generate quality feedback with client ratings and conduct polls for team suggestions to analyse and set benchmarks.

Monitoring Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards and automated monitoring to enhance your operational efficiency. Added insights to increase ROI and optimise customer self-service IVR.

Benefits That Empower You

  • Self-service options powered by conversational AI technology to handle repetitive and routine calls.
  • Incorporation of IVR auto-attendant feature to reduce business costs and improve efficiency.
  • Accurate Queue-wise reporting and regular call analytics on a real-time basis.
  • Customisable, scalable solutions to adapt to your current employee and work volume requirements.
  • Comprehensive automation to improve customer service and reduce the need for extra manpower.
  • Time-based and team-based call routing for unlimited and seamless customer access.
  • Connect IVR to databases to provide voice-based status reports, appointment scheduling and many other automations.
  • Cloud-based IVR call recording and maintenance for better monitoring and analytical purposes.

Prioritise Customer Experience With Pulse IVR

Use Cases of Pulse IVR Services

Better User Interaction

Seamless integration with your CRM or database to provide customer-friendly features that can be used to collect and cancel booking information and provide account details.

Customised Routing

Smarter call routing that commences with a personalised greeting and choice of services. It provides instructions to choose the required service option and route the call to the right agent.

Customised Announcements

Customised voice announcements and messages to handle calls that come in during weekends, seasonal holidays, and after-office hours. Hence, customer calls do not go unanswered.

Virtual Receptionist

Automated management of inbound calls with multiple phone extensions, in-built IVR menus and pre-recorded messages. Our IVR technology allows your operator to perform other tasks.

The Cloud connected to IVR voice system allows for better user interaction, customized announcements, customized routing, and virtual receptionist assistance

All your queries related to IVR solutions answered

Are your IVR services available outside of India?

Yes, they are. You can connect with our team using the dedicated number for your country. We endeavour to drive greater customer engagement regardless of their location.

Are your hosted IVRs compatible with my existing phone system?

Yes, our hosted IVR software can be integrated into any existing phone system or be used independently.

Why is Pulse IVR the right choice for me?

To meet the diverse needs of your businesses, we provide sophisticated IVR solutions that include a wide range of services. With Pulse IVR at your disposal, you can:
  • Generate more leads
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Handle large call volumes
  • Boost agent productivity
  • Maintain privacy on leads

In what ways can your IVR solutions be advantageous?

Our IVR systems and software are designed to help you:

  • Enhance your customer service
  • Improve your brand image
  • Provide support after business hours
  • Manage larger call volumes with a small team
  • Scale as necessary and maximise efficiency
  • Use call information and data for analytics and training

How will you determine the right IVR solution for my business?

Our team will talk to you about your business requirements. Based on your input, we will zero in on an IVR flow suitable for your organisation. Kindly contact us to know how our team can help you.

What do your web-based IVR solutions entail?

With our web-based IVR, you can set up your IVR online, customise your menus and your call flows and more with your online interface.

How will your cloud IVR solutions help improve my business?

Investing in our IVR solutions enables you to:

  • Refine the customer experience with instantaneous responses and seamless connections.
  • Boost agent productivity and allow them to devote more time to complex queries.
  • Provide agents quick access to caller details enabling the proactive handling of queries.
  • Enable agent performance analysis with recordings, data insights, and call reports.

What does the term "hosted IVR solution" mean?

Hosted IVRs are technically advanced cloud-based solutions that are completely automated. The solution is powered by an automated bot that initiates a conversation with a personalised greeting. It connects your customers with the relevant agent based on their answers. The customer data is stored on the cloud and is accessible by your team members. Hosted IVR solutions do not require any expensive infrastructure and on premise hardware investments.

Is cloud IVR ideal for small businesses?

Our cloud-based IVR solutions are ideal for all start-ups, SMBs, and proprietorship businesses. Here are some reasons why:

  • Automated solutions that require minimum effort to connect with the right agent.
  • Cost-effective as it requires fewer employees and no investment in infrastructure
  • Saves time with the instant classification of calls for easier routing or forwarding.

Is it possible to divert calls with IVRs?

Certainly. IVR solutions from Pulse offer call diverting capabilities.

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