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6 Ways To Improve Your Interactive Voice Response System

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the initial point of contact between businesses and customers. IVR has enormous benefits. However, despite the fact that IVR is available 24/7, most customers prefer to connect to an actual agent. As per the top IVR solution providers in India, there could be three main reasons for that:

  • Customers are unable to find the correct option
  • IVR does not understand what customers say
  • IVR takes too much time
  • A lengthy menu option can make the customers impatient. As a result, they get frustrated and would want to speak to an agent.

Tips By IVR Service Providers To Improve IVR Systems In India

Recognize The Caller

You know your customers. So why handle the calls as if it is the first time they are calling you? If you have the customer’s database, design the IVR in such a way that the caller can be identified. A good IVR will understand if the call is from a new customer or an existing one. If the incoming call is from an existing customer, the IVR can bring up all the previous transactions with the customer. Customers expect personalized service. Therefore, when you address them by their name, it makes them feel valued.

Keep Simple Menu Options

A well-designed IVR system understands the customer needs and the nature of information they seek. Hence, when you develop an IVR system, do a thorough research to understand the possible reasons for the customer's concerns. Here are some small tips to make the menu much easier.

  • Few Menu Items: Since the customers cannot see the menu options, they will have to remember the options. However, not all customers can memorize the options. Therefore, when you design the IVR system, ensure to keep less than five items.
  • Keep The Common Options First: Put the frequently used menu items first. It helps the customers pick their option without listening to the whole menu.
  • Maintain Proper Pause: Ensure that proper pause is maintained between the menu options. It is important, especially if the customer is asked to press the buttons.

Use Simple Language

Ensure that the callers can understand the options, questions, and answers given by the IVR.

  • User-friendly Language: Ensure to present the voice prompts in a pleasant tone and simple language.
  • Be Precise: Use short and crisp phrases for menu options as they are much easier to understand.
  • Avoid Jargon: Using technical terms and difficult acronyms can confuse the customers, so use simple language.

Never Automate Everything

Companies are eager to automate most of their functions with new IVR technologies. However, when the IVR systems are overstuffed, the service will be delayed. As a result, the customers will opt for live agents. Therefore, it is always good to analyze the company needs first. After that, you can select the tasks the IVR will be handling.

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Choose A Reliable IVR Solution Provider

Give Importance To Loyal Customers

If a customer has been with your company for a long time, ensure to give importance to them when they call you. You can customize the conversations by checking the customer’s previous interactions and call history in the IVR.

For example, suppose a person frequently calls to check their account balance, you can design the IVR as per the past calls. This means that when the person calls again, the IVR can directly ask if they want to know the account balance. When the customer hears this, they will be satisfied with the customer service and save their precious time.

Use The Visual Appeal

Visual IVR can help in increasing customer satisfaction and lower costs. Through the website or the mobile app, customers will be able to see the menu options. Customers can use touch technology to reach the solutions. From there, they can decide whether to connect to a live agent or not. With visual IVR, customers can perform their tasks quickly and efficiently without listening to the menu options. Visual IVR helps in lowering the inbound call volume. It also helps in generating good revenue for the organization.

A well-designed IVR can save time, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction. However, to enjoy these benefits, it is important to choose the right IVR provider. Pulse Unified Communications service provider is a top enterprise in India that offers a wide range of telecom solutions according to company requirements. With our effective IVR solutions, your company can reap many benefits. Talk to us to know more!

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