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A Definitive Guide On ACD And IVR

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ACD is a critical component of any contact center's infrastructure. It allows agents to be released from previous calls and routes calls based on a customer's option on the IVR. Responding to a call is essential and responding fast makes a difference. Without an ACD-based call center, answering the phone will cause the caller to wait. In a call center, an ACD is used to route calls to the most capable agents while keeping the hold time to a minimum. Call routing software provided by a Cloud IVR solutions expert can automatically route calls to the appropriate department based on the agent's skill set and priority of receiving calls.

All You Need To Know About ACD And Its Importance

ACD characteristics in a contact center include skill-based routing, language-specific routing, process-specific routing, and a combination of these. ACD systems redirect customers to the appropriate agent or department based on their call history, account information, time zone, and other factors. The ACD working process consists of three main steps: Identify, route, and resolve.

ACD directs calls to the appropriate agents, allowing them to spend more time on issues that they are familiar with. The value of an ACD system increases when integrated with CTI, CRM, and other call center tools, because employees will have access to all critical customer information. ACD collects all call-related data in contact centers, including time spent on calls, AHT, call abandon, idle time, and many other statistics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a role in the future of ACD routing. Adapting to customer data and using previous interactions to help determine journey intent will improve ACD routing decisions. An automatic call distribution system can help you increase the return on investment for your call center.

In a telecommunications company, an automatic call distributor (ACD) system helps you handle inbound calls efficiently. It uses an Interactive Voice Response system to determine the reason for a customer's inquiries. The ACD can deal with high volume calls when all agents are busy and when there is a high volume of calls.

Automated call distribution systems optimize your call center workflow, ensuring high customer satisfaction and revenue velocity. The most significant advantages of using an Automatic Call Distributor are the identification of VIP callers and the prompt response to their needs.

What Is IVR? How Is It Different From ACD?

IVR systems are used to provide information, purchase goods or services, connect with the sales team, and other activities through pre-programmed press key mechanisms. Customers use the IVR to identify themselves and provide information about their requirements. Some issues are resolved by the IVR system, while others are routed to a live agent. You can see how long a caller spends on IVR and in the call queue and how long it takes an agent to process a phone call.
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Role Of ACD In Call Routing And Its Working Principle

A company's responsibility is to ensure that customers are routed to relevant agents as quickly as possible and to respond to urgent or high-demand inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Calls are routed in a queue based on the status of the request and the amount of time the customer has been waiting.

Calls can be queued if your agents are busy and a caller is served by intro-music and an estimated waiting time announcement. It is up to the caller to decide if they want to wait, schedule a call-back, or attempt another time. When customers know about estimated waiting times through a telecom solutions provider, their customer satisfaction level increases tremendously. Furthermore, call queuing improves the organization and smoothness of phone calls.

The skill-based call distribution method is used to route calls to the appropriate agents. This method improves the first call resolution rate. This is important, and you will retain a larger portion of your customers if your first call resolution rate improves. Customers who are routed to the appropriate agent from the beginning of their call are more likely to resolve their issue. Costs are reduced because poor call queuing can quickly deplete your budget, but the call-back feature can help you save money by reducing the total number of minutes you use and consume.

A call is routed to all of the agents who are available simultaneously. This leads to a faster response time and a more competitive environment, but it is difficult to bear the constant ringing of the phone in the office. To ensure that each agent receives an equitable share of calls, the Automatic Call Distributor will determine which agent has been idle for the longest period.

Importance Of ACD In Any Organization

An ACD system can significantly improve your customers' overall satisfaction by reducing waiting time and letting customers call back later. The Automatic Call Distributor allows the call center to meet its service level agreements during peak periods while evenly distributing calls among the call center locations. Using an efficient Automatic Call Distributor, your agents can be in the problem-solving mode and resolve all client issues on the first contact. The other significance of getting an ACD in your organization include:

  • ACD software enables you to route incoming calls to available agents and divide the workload among all available call center agents.
  • It automatically directs incoming calls to a queue engaged in servicing exactly the subject matter that the customer has requested.
  • ACD allows for efficient mixing of operators to service calls from multiple incoming lines and different queues.


Increased customer satisfaction is a good thing, and one of the most important KPIs in call centers is the average time spent in the queue. Professional call queue management will reduce the abandonment rate of calls by allowing you to handle more calls in a given shift. Therefore, achieve customer satisfaction by installing and bringing a good call routing service in your firm with an inbuilt ACD to it.

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