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Bridging The Communication Gap With IVR Solutions

No business survives without communication, especially in this highly communicative era. Businesses can succeed only if they communicate effectively with their potential clients at every point of the sales funnel. In the current scenario, it is imperative to create an offline and online communication channel.

An Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a brilliant way to channelize your communication and build your business. It helps to improve your client communication and thereby boosts your sales and marketing. But how?

Our article lists six ways to use your IVR solutions to see a remarkable improvement in your marketing and sales practices.

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7 Ways To Use IVR Solutions & Propel Your Sales

1. Conduct IVR phone surveys

An IVR phone survey will help you gauge your customer's thoughts and opinions. They are an invaluable tool to measure customer service quality, especially for call centre professionals.

There are two types of IVR surveys:

  • Inbound IVR
  • Outbound IVR

In an Inbound survey, incoming customer calls are transferred to a quick survey to gather timely feedback when the purchase is still fresh in their minds. Outbound IVR surveys are arranged after a certain time to ask the customer if their shopping experience was satisfactory.

2. Generate Phone Leads

Another effective way to make people respond is to use IVR in the Call To Action button. Interesting CTAs like " Take a quick survey and win a discount" or " Use this 2-minute analysis to win a lucky prize" can elicit a better response from your customers. At the end of the survey, they can interact with a salesperson. This way, you can glean their personal contact information and generate potential leads.

3. On-Hold Messages

IVR systems reduce the on-hold time by engaging the caller with messages about the latest promos and offers. While on-hold messages cannot completely reduce the hold time, they can effectively reduce the call drop rate. By including engaging messages, you can give your customers a reason to stay online without cutting the call.

4. Collect Customer Feedback For Beta Testing

Use IVR survey to collect customer feedback for products you are beta testing. You can use either multiple-choice questions or open-ended questions to collect opinions. Later, you can use this feedback to rectify issues and complaints voiced by your customers. IVR surveys give you immediate results, thus enabling you to deploy immediate action.

5. Conduct Market Analysis

IVR surveys are the best and easiest measures to understand your customer demographic, shopping habits and preferences. The survey results help you understand their attitude towards your business, services, and products. By conducting regular market analysis with IVR, it will help you understand your existing and potential customers.

6. Deliver Automated Calls To Customers

IVR's automated calling features can be used if your business deals with products that require reordering and renewals. For example, medicines, contact lenses, and many consumer goods require reordering. In such cases, automating the IVR to remind the customer to place a reorder can be a real cost and time-saving solution. Your questions can include details about the amount, the day of delivery, and other such specifics to complete the order.

7. Score Phone Leads

When you score phone leads, you rank the sales potentiality of a lead using a particular methodology. Using the BANT model (budget, authority, needs, and timeline) to score leads, you can ask questions to know if your customers are ready to buy your products. You can use IVR to reroute calls based on location, product, or business unit to make scoring simpler. Finally, phone leads that score high can be routed to your sales campaign to initiate a conversation with the customer.

Pulse, India- Providing IVR Solutions That Benefits Your Sales

An IVR solution can power your sales and marketing campaigns with multiple benefits. It automates your communication and establishes a better interaction with your customers. Pulse Unified Communications Service provider offers IVR solutions that help you attract, qualify, and retain leads to improve your sales. With Pulse IVR systems, you can derive actionable insights into your audience preferences. To create new marketing opportunities, the team with Pulse today!

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