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Expand Your Global Reach With IVR Solutions

Have you ever encountered automated voice instructions when you've dialled your bank or any other customer service number? The instruction would have guided you to navigate a dial pad and contact the right agent or department. This is the IVR or the Interactive Voice Response system, an advanced cloud telephony technology.

The IVR is an intelligent technology that connects the caller to the most appropriate agent by helping them navigate the dial pad. When a caller reaches out to an IVR-enabled phone number, they are greeted by a set of automated or pre-recorded voice instructions. Following the instructions, the caller presses a particular item or number on the dial pad, which re-routes the call to the right recipient who will help the customer.

Now that we know how an IVR works, it brings us to our next question and the core topic of our article- How does an IVR help your business? Let's explore the reasons that justify your investment in IVR solutions.

benefits of IVR technology by Pulse Telesystems, one of the best IVR service provider

7 Reasons Your Business Needs IVR Without Delay

1.Improve customer conversions

The business landscape is getting more competitive every day, and it is imperative to align your communication channels with your customer's preferences. Many customers prefer businesses that have quick responses to their calls. Keeping them waiting can badly hurt your reputation and impact the conversions. An IVR system will give your customers what they exactly need- a quick response with the right answers and clarifications.

2. Enhance call routing

Traditional call routing is costly and time-consuming. Different agents specialise in different services, and communicating with only one or two agents might not be helpful in today's business scenario. However, IVR systems allow businesses to man incoming calls with several agents. It connects the customers within a matter of minutes to the most qualified agent to sort their queries.

3. Improve brand image

An IVR greatly improves your brand image and business reputation by suggesting that your organisation prioritises its customers. It helps to fortify your reliability and availability, which are top priorities for any customer. Additionally, the automated responses help to solve simple issues even without an agent. With such promptness, even small businesses can create a great impression in the minds of demanding customers.

4. Better customer access

In the current tech-driven era, customers expect business to be available 24/7. An IVR caters very easily to this demand and enables round-the-clock availability, irrespective of whether it is a holiday or not. Customers across India and other countries can avail your services whenever they need them. This unlimited customer access opens the door to a broad and diverse customer base.

5. Improve call management

Whether you have a few clients or thousands of them, it can be complicated to remember and follow up with the details given to each client. IVR, however, comes packed with features like call recording, call logs, and notifications to help you keep a tab of every crucial information.

6. Better agent performance

When calls are routed to the right agent, it can boost the agent's service experience. It allows agents to solve queries faster and prioritise complex customer demands. Automated answers also eliminate the burden of huge call volumes, which can be very challenging during certain seasons. Automation delivers simple queries and allows agents to tackle complex ones like using an appliance or finding a route to a destination.

7. Reduce cost per calls

Generally, when customers call a business number, they incur heavy costs. The pinch of heavy call rates can discourage customers from extending their call. Frequently they disconnect the call due to lack of adequate airtime, which means that their queries likely remain unresolved. To prevent this issue, IVR connects calls in much lesser time than what it would take for a traditional phone call. Thus, customers gain what they want without incurring a big telephone bill.

Revolutionise Your Workplace With IVR Solutions From Pulse, India

An efficient IVR is a big boon for any business. It helps you improve your customer service, and thereby the customer experience. Both aspects can remarkably impact your brand image and your business prospects. Make a wise decision and invest in Pulse's IVR solutions today. Pulse Unified Communications service provider is India's leading name for advanced cloud telephony solutions. Be a part of the Pulse clientele and gain immense benefits. Contact us today.

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