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Cloud Telephony Solution to Manage Business at Home

 April 24, 2021

Cloud telephony is a novel method of replacing conventional PBX wherein customers can access their telephone systems through the cloud. This solution is cost-effective, user-friendly, secure, and more reliable compared to an in-house PBX system. Since the setup is hosted in the cloud, services can be accessed anywhere, making the solution highly available.

Why Cloud Telephony?

With changing business conditions and the need to provide uninterrupted services despite uncertain situations, more BPOs, KPOs, and call centers are migrating towards cloud telephony solutions. Cloud telephony is a welcome change for call centers as cloud-based call center solutions make business operations smooth and hassle-free.

Cloud telephony services also find their application in any setup where the customer is willing to upgrade their Infra to meet growing business needs..

Pulse offers cloud telephony services with our cloud-based contact center platform. Our solutions are highly customizable. Cloud telephony services provided by Pulse have high availability, are quickly scalable, customizable, reliable, secure with multi-factor authentication, and can be accessed from anywhere with dashboard setup.

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