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Looking to scale your business, streamline your interactions and fortify your communications? Say goodbye to your traditional communication options and opt for Pulse's cloud-based telephony services. Our solution is a new-age business communication model powered by cloud IVR and state-of-the-art technologies.

Pulse is India's leading cloud telephony provider, offering a superior business communication platform that can propel your global presence. We simplify and strengthen your communication processes, make them more secure, and improve their quality. And, we do it all without making a dent in your finances! Get scalable and reliable access to unified business communication with Pulse.

Easy Implementation
Eliminates the burden of setting up infrastructure and additional capital expenses through a Complete Operation-Expense-based model (Op-Ex). 
Easy Implementation
Call Conferencing 
Unifies your team on a single platform and allows you to hold crucial meetings with stakeholders and potential clients without incurring unnecessary travel expenses. 
Call Conferencing
Call Monitoring
Allows team leads to monitor agents on a real-time basis according to their different statuses like Logged In, Active Call, Ringing, Query time, Break, and Lunch.
Call Monitoring
IVR & Voicemail

Enables you to connect, record, divert and retrieve voicemails and voicemail-to-email along with the wave file.

Dashboard Accessibility

Permits remote dashboard accessibility to verify the number of calls made in a day by classifying them as In, Out, Answered, and Abandoned.

Call Management

Captures, retrieves, and records all inbound and outbound calls on the dashboard. The call forwarding feature reroutes all inbound calls based on predefined criteria.


Benefits Of Our Cloud Telephony Services In India

  • Powerful calling features to handle all your business communications.
  • Cost-effectiveness, reliability, and consistent, uninterrupted service.
  • An Uncomplicated integrated business model with automatic updates.
  • Protection and accessibility of data enabled through cloud storage.
  • Simple setup and infrastructure that enables you to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • High mobility, flexibility, scalability, and customisability.

Ideal Use Cases For Pulse's Cloud Telephony Service

Customer Privacy
Call masking or virtual phone number that helps mask your customer's identity and original phone number. This feature empowers you to safeguard your customer's privacy and gain their satisfaction and trust. This, in turn, builds brand loyalty for your business. 
Business Continuity
Our cloud telephony solutions guarantee 99% uptime to ensure that your business processes smoothly without any interruptions. Features like built-in redundancy and a reliable auto-failover ensure that you always have a backup.  
Increased Mobility
Pulse's hosted phone systems are the perfect solution to keep your remote working team well-connected and coordinated. With an internet connection, your remote workforce can answer phone calls, access voicemails, and set up call routing on the go. 
Root for Cloud Telephony Service

Forge Robust Communications With Our Cloud Telephony Technology

A Q&A Session About Pulse's Cloud Telephony Service In India

Please explain the Cloud Telephone System.

A cloud telephone system is a hi-tech telecommunication platform hosted on a cloud. It is a clutter-free, easy to manage technological solution. Unlike the traditional PBX system, this system eliminates the need for bulky hardware and is much more efficient.

How does a cloud telephony system work?

With cloud telephony, communication devices are hosted over the service provider's premises and made available to customers through the cloud. Using the internet connection, analogue voice signals are converted to data packets. Thus, it connects you with the person you are calling. It also has PBX features and functions as an intercom.

What kind of businesses can use cloud telephony?

Pulse's cloud telephony services are ideal for:

  • Businesses that need to connect often with their remote workforce.
  • Growing organisations that require rapid scalability without investing in infrastructure.
  • Organisations having multiple branches and planning for a centralised system.
  • Organisations looking for real-time insight into their voice channels.
  • Companies looking for innovative solutions like number masking, automated SMS, missed call services, and OTP authentication.

How will I benefit from using Pulse's cloud telephone system?

Pulse's cloud telephone systems give you a slew of benefits such as:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • User-friendliness
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Quick installation
  • Easy shifting
  • Centralised managing and recording
  • Better customer experience
  • Effective call routing
  • Distributed architecture

Can I integrate a cloud telephone system with my intercom?

Yes, you can. You need an authorised VoIP softphone app to make and receive phone calls with the cloud telephone system. You can configure intelligent call forwarding and receive voicemail transcriptions to your inbox.

Will your cloud telephone system eliminate the need for a PBX?

Cloud solutions are technically advanced and far better in terms of flexibility, versatility, and number of features than calling centre software. Cloud-based telephony is fully dependant on internet connectivity. Calls are made via the web using the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. With a stable internet connection, your agents can call anyone from any place..

How is a hosted PBX different from a Cloud-based VoIP?

A hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone switching system accessible through a cloud network. A VoIP desk phone is an effective alternative to your phone extensions. Besides, it routes your calls through the internet and does not require telephone lines.

Which devices or phones are used as endpoints for VoIP services?

Although you will not be using your traditional PBX, you will technically use a PBX hosted within our cloud system instead of an on-premise solution.

Can remote workers use your cloud telephone system?

Of course, they can. No matter where your remote employees are located, all they require is a strong internet connection. They can access the platform using a mobile app or PC softphone.

Can I invest in Pulse's cloud telephony for my basic communication requirements?

Yes, you can. Pulse's cloud telephony system is completely scalable, flexible and simple to operate. It is loaded with top-notch functionalities to empower small businesses to enjoy an enterprise phone system. Moreover, you do not require in-house experts to manage the platform because the system is so simple and user-friendly.

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