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Cloud Telephony Solutions - A Right Solution At The Right Time

Remote working has helped businesses weather the changes imposed by the pandemic, but cloud technology is at the heart of what has made it possible to survive. It powers businesses to maintain continuity as organisations embrace newer methods for managing a remote work culture.

Cloud computing has become the foundation that makes this digital transformation possible. Cloud telephony is one of the perfect solutions for the current scenario. It relieves organisations from managing on-premise infrastructure and enables remote working, which is the need of the hour. This technology is proving to be a fitting solution for business continuity.

There are hundreds of write-ups about cloud telephony. However, our article discusses the steps you need to take to ace your business communications with cloud telephony solutions. These steps will benefit businesses that have decided to adopt cloud telephony to be in tandem with the changing times.

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5 Steps To Enhance Your Business Communications With Cloud Telephony

1. Selecting the right provider

Choosing cloud telephony solutions to replace your traditional telephony is a big step in itself. However, with hundreds of cloud telephony providers in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right provider. To make your selection easy, you can always create a checklist with the following questions:

  • Does your provider provide call routings and recordings?
  • Is the solution scalable with the fluctuating business changes?
  • Is an API integration possible?
  • Is bulk SMS possible?
  • Can the technology be integrated with your existing software?
  • How good is the provider's support service?
  • Does the provider offer flexible options?
  • Are there any additional features?

You can create a more detailed list with descriptive questions to better understand your chosen provider.

2. Identifying Your Requirements

Telephonic communication is a lifeline for every business in the current scenario. Customers prefer talking to a real person or a business representative rather than chatting with a bot. To keep your business communication alive, you need to identify your requirements and establish a clear purpose for choosing cloud telephony.

You can list the following:

  • The purpose of choosing the cloud service provider
  • Your objectives and goals
  • Your performance metrics

The answers to these questions will be useful for scaling the cloud telephony services in the long term and measuring their business impact.

3. Availability of customisation

Customisation of services is another trending practice that is a win-win solution for the provider and the business. Contemporary businesses expect the availability of customisation to align with their preferences. If your cloud telephony provider offers customisation, it can leverage your ability to provide bespoke solutions for your clients. You can create your IVR recordings, curate your text messages, and generate analytic reports with the parameters you consider important.

4. Availability of integration

If your cloud-based telephony integrates with your CRM and other existing systems, it gives you a clear advantage over your competitors. You can access all the data from one platform, automate your tasks, and ensure accuracy in your communications. Integration facilitates systems that can share data in real-time. Therefore, while choosing your cloud telephony services, look for maximum integration potential that enables a seamless flow of communication.

5. Scope for scalability

As a solution, cloud telephony must be capable of accommodating the growth of your business, the mounting volume of data and the increased number of users. Your chosen cloud telephony service should be robust enough to handle the rising market demands and thereby improve your customer service. It should also empower you to scale up or down depending on your business fluctuations.

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Bring Your Cloud Telephony To Life With Pulse, India

The extensive analysis before implementing cloud telephony is imperative to enable the smooth transition from traditional telephony services. Wholesome, uninterrupted communication is vital for every business.

Pulse Unified Communications service provider, India, can empower you with state-of-the-art cloud-based telephony solutions to scale your business from one level to the next. We offer cost-effective services, exceptional customer support, data security, and flexible plans. Contact our team @ 044 4000 1800 to learn more.

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