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Two Important Cloud Telephony Solutions You Should Know

Cloud Telephony is a new and innovative change that's taking businesses by storm. People often find themselves in a dilemma about Cloud PBX and Cloud Contact Centre - the two big solutions most cloud telephony providers offer. However, we first need to understand what each cloud telephony solution means for a business. Our articles endeavours to dive deep and dissect the differences between both solutions.

Cloud PBX

A Cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone system hosted on a cloud service without any additional infrastructural costs. Organisations use Cloud PBX for their external and internal communications. Cloud PBX renders seamless communication by unifying channels like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), SIPTrunk, PRI, GSM network, analogue, telephone hardware or softphone systems.

Cloud Contact Centre

This solution is a comprehensive call centre software that provides cloud-based services, tools, and telephony applications; It also provides features like instant messaging, call routing, agent management, analytics, social media interaction, and CRM integration. Cloud contact centre is suitable for departments handling customer services and multiple engagements.

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The Features Of Cloud PBX & Cloud Contact Centre

A Cloud PBX has the following features:


Click-to-call integrates on a business's website and allows customers to connect with the business in one click. This ensures quicker response time for the business.

Call routing

Cloud PBX facilitates call routing with Direct Inward Dialling(DID), a feature that allows businesses to map several numbers to a single trunk line. This solution enables easy external and internal communication for teams.


When a customer calls in, pop-ups reveal the caller details to the agent as the call connects. This feature is especially beneficial for agents using softphones or IP desk phones. It gives an added advantage to the agent to render better customer service.

Find Me Follow Me

This feature allows agents to connect their desk and mobile phones to a DID number, thus enabling them to attend the call from any device. Agents can attend calls even if they are unavailable at their desks, thus reducing the number of missed calls. Let's check out the features of a Cloud Contact Centre and analyse how it compares to a Cloud PBX.

Advanced features

Cloud contact centres have advanced routing mechanisms to route calls to the right agent and render quick responses that translate to better customer services. It is also bestowed with advanced agent support features like knowledge-based integration, auto attendants, whisper coaching, and IVR.

Progressive and Predictive dialling

These advanced auto-diallers are critical to productivity and time management for agents. Without these features, agents will be manually dialling customers and waiting till the call gets connected.

Screen logger

Screen logger is a logging tool that keeps call centres managers well-informed about the centre's functioning. The feature generated insightful analytic reports about call drop-out rates, abandonment rates, average handling time, and shrinkage rates.

Language processing

AI-powered speech recognition software and language processing chatbots provide smoother transitions and end-to-end integration to reach global customers. Chatbots simplify business-to-customer interactions, improves customer experience and minimises operational costs.

Public API

Cloud-based contact centres allow quick and easy integration with CRM software, chat solutions, payment solutions, and more. It enables agents to use the multichannel interface to view interactions across all channels simultaneously and improve their customer services.

Cloud PBX VS Cloud Contact Centre- Choosing The Best Option

When you are faced with yet another dilemma about picking the right option, you may base your choice on the following selection criteria.

Choose Cloud PBX if you wish to:

  • Track metrics like standard call detail reports and basic call analysis.
  • Schedule calls back and send template texts and emails.
  • Have a simple operation with limited routing requirements
  • Handle complex calls by an expert and not your agent.

Choose Cloud Contact Centres to:

  • Track insightful metrics like wait time, abandonment rate, and average handling time.
  • Automate call scheduling, texting, and emailing.
  • Gain advanced call routing and built-in contact tagging.
  • Serve multiple contact channels.

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