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Secure Your Data From Malicious Attacks & Data Recovery

Ensuring complete security to your data and information with new-age cybersecurity tools.
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Data Security

Cybersecurity or information security is the science of securing data and information from various attacks. With the change in the way the data is being transmitted in the present pandemic situation, it is becoming increasingly important to secure the data, particularly when the users are accessing vital information from anywhere across the globe. Cybersecurity can be device-based, o/s based, or can be software-based and has scope over a wide range of paraphernalia including handsets, laptops, servers, and other data transmitting devices. With more data being exposed to the outside world, it is equally important to handle data security and data recovery post an attack.

Information Security

New age cybersecurity tools such as high-end firewalls, SD-WAN gain importance in preventing breaches of processes and policies predefined as per the organizations’ standard. It is also important to recover vital data post a security breach.

Pulse offers security as a service using our SOC platform, where various packages are designed post understanding customer’s network and customized based on customer requirements. Pulse’s SOC service provides a centralized monitoring platform wherein various vulnerabilities are ascertained and measures are taken to understand the pattern, prevent the security breach, and also retrieve data with quick turnaround times.

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Eliminate The Vulnerabilities, Claim The Security

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