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Firewall and UTM
Network Security Solutions

A single customized security solution for all your business needs.
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A key is being kept on the keyboard which has a key called Firewall among other normal keys.
A link is connected between three LAN-enabled computer systems and a firing brick wall, then the link connects to the cloud server.


A graphical character, much similar to a lock, is holding a wall and shield embossed with a text PULSE firewall on it, and standing on a cardboard box.
Pulse Firewall
Our 18 years of business existence has got us to understand that enterprise customers are looking for a single point of contact for all network security solutions. This led us to develop an industry-leading, next-generation family of firewalls which can be customized as per your business needs.

Unique Features of Pulse Firewall

  • Licenses ranging from 50 to 3000 users with high session capacity
  • Extended Support upto three years
  • Real-time information of each user can be viewed
  • IPV6 compatibility
  • Can be integrated with various software such as Hotel management software and billing software, hospital ERPs, educational ERPs and other frequently used ERPs
  • Multiple methods of authentication at a captive portal level, including IP, mac binding and user id password
  • Round the clock support
  • Layer7 Packet Inspection for enhanced UTM application
  • One year browsing logs can be retrieved
A cargo box is designed as hands of a man who seems to have a bigger arms, under which text pulse secure firewall is displayed.

Your Network's Security Is Always Our Priority

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