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Gain easy and quick connections between your analogue telephone lines and our IP based PBX systems.
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How It Works?

image explaining the working of FXO and FXS gateways
FXO gateway work flow

FXO Gateway

An FXO gateway allows you to connect an analogue telephone line which is an RJ11 connection, to our IP based PBX system, which works on data packets.

FXS Gateway

An FXS gateway allows you to connect your IP based PBX systems to an already existing pool of analogue phones. These gateways can be used to connect to the cloud PBX platform to one analogue phone or a pool of analogue phones.

FXS gateway work flow
brands supporting IP Phone, FXS, FXO

Brands Supported by Our Services for IP Phone, FXS and FXO

We provide IP phones, FXO and FXS gateways from Grandstream, Synway, Dinstar, Matrix, Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, etc. Other brands which are open SIP-based can be integrated into our cloud calling platform.

FXS & FXO Gateways - The Path To Quick, Easy And Secure Connections

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