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Connect Globally & Securely Using Pulse Hosted VPN

Reach out to your cloud-based servers or applications anywhere across the globe using our hosted VPN.
Get to know about VPN
A person is writing something on a tablet with pen and a shield kind of symbol has a text VPN and a lock symbol. World map is kept transparent.
A VPN server appliance gives internet facility to telecommuter house, remote client and regional office of various locations using different tunnels.
A person sitting in front of the system and working, Internet service provider through VPN transfers data collected from customer data center through encrypted VPN tunnel.
Pulse Hosted VPN
Connect to your global applications or on-premise servers securely through Pulse Hosted VPN. This is a low maintenance VPN service that enables your users at home or at the office to centrally reach your cloud-based applications or servers across the globe.

Unique Features

Work From Home

Enable access to your virtual Citrix platform, cloud applications and servers securely through our hosted VPN service from home through any internet network ( broadband, 4g, etc.)

Static IP

A static IP is provided along with the hosted VPN service. You can centralise all traffic and use this static Ip to securely reach your applications or servers. Home users do not need static IP

Connect to Your LAN

Connect to your office private network through an IP sec tunnel from our hosted VPN service

Extend Office VPN Licenses

Use Pulse hosted VPN to expand the limited licenses on your on-premises firewall and connect any number of remote users to your office network through IP sec

Maintenance Free

This service does not require hardware and is maintenance-free


Pulse hosted VPN can be used to enhance the security of your applications and servers.

Gain Global Reach, Secure Connections & Anytime Access

Highlights of Hosted VPN

  • A Dedicated Public IP is allocated for this VPN Server
  • Site to Site VPN Tunnel to access Office Networks and Global Networks
  • Windows, MAC and Linux based Operating System Supported
  • Users can access this VPN server from any Internet Service Provider
  • Realtime VPN Users can be viewed
  • Users Traffic is directed towards the VPN Interface, which is auto-generated with OpenVPN and L2TP protocols
  • Separate Administrator Privilege GUI Panel to create Users
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