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How virtual phone number will help to grow your business?

Outbound Call Center Software
 March 8, 2021

Is tracking your office calls a hassle during this pandemic? Are you unable to find how leads are getting distributed to your marketing team and whether they are being attended to? Lead generation isn't that cheap, so tracking each one of your incoming calls is essential.

Tracking your work/office calls is just a breeze!

Pulse Virtual numbers solve this problem. Advertise or announce your Pulse virtual number in all your advertisements and promotional activities. Customers or potential customers calling the virtual number are greeted with a personalised voice message that you wish to play for them.

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Then calls are redirected to respective marketing or service teams. Pulse gives you a robust reporting system to understand who attended the call, the call duration and if your team has called them back and followed up.

two mobiles on call connected securely using virtual phone number service

All this is done with a single virtual number and without any physical telephony infrastructure. The Pulse platform also allows you to record calls. This would help you improvise customer service quality. Reach out to Pulse to learn more or even have a live demo of the virtual number system.

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