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ILL-Internet Leased Line

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 November 8, 2020

Today’s fast and connected world needs superior internet connectivity which is reliable and secure. Enterprises use Internet Leased Lines(ILL) for their connectivity which is mandatory for their daily operations.

Why ILL?

Business houses need connectivity solutions for continuity in operations. This will help to do a lot of activities such as online transactions, data and content transfer, internal and external communication, and also to stay updated. Delayed responses due to connectivity issues impact productivity and work efficiency which in turn leads to operational difficulties. To address the aforesaid points and also to enhance user experience, a high-speed, reliable, and stable connectivity solution is required.

An Internet leased line is an enterprise standard service that offers dedicated internet bandwidth where the terms are governed by standard terms highlighted by the SLA-Service level agreement. Internet leased lines can be deployed across various business verticals with speeds ranging from 10mbps to 1Gbps depending on business needs. This enables the user to transfer to upload and download files to the external environment without any hassle. Hence, the deployment of ILL improves business standards.

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Advantages of an Internet Leased Line:

STABLE INTERNET ACCESS: Stable internet access ensures high availability and better network performance which improve operational efficiency.

SYMMETRIC CONNECTIVITY: Internet Leased Line provides fixed bandwidth with symmetric speeds. This ensures the same speed for upload and download without any limitations.

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT: Since there is a commitment from the service provider for link stability, ILL connections will be a better choice for any organization compared to broadband. Internet leased lines are governed by Service level agreements in which crucial parameters such as throughput, latency, uptime, penalty clause, etc. An ILL connection is a better option because it is a scalable service that promises low latency, low jitter, and more uptime. If businesses want to upgrade their speed and bandwidth, they just have to upgrade their plan as per their activities and requirements

Pulse ILL (Internet Leased Line)

The ILL provided by Pulse Telesystems helps to maintain business efficiency with high-speed internet access with dual last miles, which is scalable and reliable. In addition to this, the end-to-end SLAs take care of latency, uptime, packet loss, and jitter. IIL solutions by PTPL not only ensure fast and reliable service by minimizing the downtime but also offer 24*7 dedicated service support which is very important in today’s connected world.

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