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Gain Productivity
Attain Business Continuity

Pulse's dual last mile, enables you to stay connected with ring fibre as primary and Radio Frequency as backup, which in turn would improve productivity levels and ensure business continuity!

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Dual Last Mile

Horizontal diagrammatic representation of signal flowing from pulse colocation to customer end.

Dual Last Mile - Ring Fibre & RF

We connect clients on a fibre ring with an RF backup from an alternate POP, with an auto-failover mechanism configured on our managed client end switch for the best uptime.

Dual Last Mile Advantages

Improve Productivity

Best productivity with higher uptime.


Cost-effective since it eliminates the need to have 2 service providers.

Business Continuity

RF backup helps in business continuity even if there is any major unforeseen disruption to the fibre network.

Dual Last Mile - Eliminate Disruptions,
Stay Connected, Get Going

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