IVR Solution

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is a technology that enables callers to interact with pre-recorded audio which directs to proceed further.

In telecommunications, IVR enables callers to interact with an organization’s pre-recorded system by recognizing the speech that is used as a self service application for their enquiries by following the IVR dialogue. This system is commonly known as automated attendant which helps to cut costs on human agents, reduce cost and improve customers experiences.


  • Improve customer service
  • Lower its cost
  • Agents have more time to deal with complex interactions/more demanding areas of service.
  • Service with chosen language
  • Customer Prioritization based on Dialed number identification service and call reason.
  • Call logs available for auditing, performance report and future enhancement.

Some Industrial sectors that use IVR Solution are:

  • Transport industry – Enquiry, Reservation and status.
  • Medical Industry – Reporting, Appointment, and immediate alert.
  • Banking – Account Information, Transaction Information, Tele-banking
  • Telecom – Subscriber Information, Service Activation-deactivation, Billing Information, many more.
  • Service Industry – Customer Support and scheduling of service
  • Manufacturing – Stock Update, Enquiry
  • BPO – IVRS is integral part of a call centre
  • Pulse offers customized solutions to the above industries based on their requirements.
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