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How an IVR System Can Improve Your Call Centre’s Operations

Outbound Call Center Software
 February 16, 2021

IVR is a telephony technology in which someone uses a telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into the database, without human interaction over the telephone.

The telephone user activates the IVR system by dialling in a preassigned number, and then the call is routed to the computer system, which plays a pre-recorded voice menu to the user, which acts as a virtual receptionist.

The user responds by selecting the menu option using a Numerical dial pad or a more detailed response, e.g., name, city, language if voice recognition system is supported. Upon the user's response, the computer analyses and plays appropriate messages to the user.

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Pulse Telesystems has implemented a grievance redressal system for Madurai Corporation, by which citizens register their grievances through Pulse Cloud IVR Solutions.

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The respective department personnel, technicians, lineman, ward maintenance staff can retrieve these complaints and the complained numbers through IVR Service, thus enabling them to handle & resolve the queries immediately and makes the system more effective self-servicing solutions & user friendly.

In other words, Pulse Cloud IVR Solution will dispatch such complaints booked by the customer to their corresponding Outdoor team members. These services do not require any human operator to give 24x7 service and will be the complete and preferred solution even in non-business hours as the Cloud IVR Solution requires minimal dependence on human intervention.

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