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IVR, VoIP Technology in Hospital Industry

 September 9, 2020

The IVR technology has become very common in the day-to-day life of every human. The latest technology has made daily life easier in every task such as paying bills over the phone, checking account balance/outstanding dues, flight/train schedules etc.

The IVR software has significantly improved in recent years and it has become an important part of high-quality customer service in the present market.

IVRs are used in the Hospital segments to fix up appointments, access the test results, availability of Doctors, etc. This adds value in terms of direct reduction in cost and better utilization of resources.These are some of the major reasons why a numbers of Hospitals are showing interest towards implementation of IVR systems.

The functionality Covered by The IVRS in The Hospitals Incorporates :

  • Enrollment of Patients.
  • Patient diary maintenance.
  • Dispensing and allotment of medications.
  • Inventory & Logistic Management (for supplies and allocation of medical devices).
  • Follow up visits.
  • Automated call-out reminder system and task schedulers.
  • Healthcare resources and pecuniary utilization.
  • Real-time reporting.

Along with the above setup, VoIP is another important service that helps to call overseas to contact Doctors abroad and for requests of medicines etc. VoIP technology has countless business benefits and is well suited for healthcare services.

Pulse predictive dialer phone system and voice broadcasting auto dialers can call the patients with medication reminders and notifications. The medical alert systems can transmit thousands of messages quickly. Messages may contain specific patient information such as appointment dates and times and recommended actions such as fasting time periods are a medical appointment.

Thus, an IVR System would surely help in the entire functioning of the hospitals.

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