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Know Everything About Internet Leased Line

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 February 11, 2020

Pulse Telesystems set its imprint and made its foray into the Indian telecom market in 2003 as a Voice solution provider and subsequently in 2007 set its flag flying high by entering the Data market with the Internet leased line for the Enterprise customer.

Network Infrastructure and Technology

Having a scalable and robust network was only a fantasy for medium-scaled Telecommunication organizations. But, Pulse with its never give up attitude and determination has demonstrated that no goal or taget is unreachable and established its own network by setting Base Stations and POPs in and around Chennai within a short timeframe and to complement and strengthen its network, it has got into a tie-up with Chennai Metro Rail, therby making its Internet Leased Line network available through the length and breadth of Chennai city.


Advantages of Dual Last Mile(LM):
Uptime will be the best in the industry since there are 2 mediums used to deliver the service with the primary LM is on optic fiber and the secondary LM is on Radio Frequency(RF).The take-off points for each LM is also different and we also install a switch in the customer's premise, which has the intelligence to switch from primary to secondary .

Unlike many providers, Pulse Telesystems has not outsourced its helpdesk/customer service to a 3rd party vendor. Plus, with the proactive monitoring tools available with us, we are able to identify the issue much before the customer is aware and help to resolve the problem quickly.

With RF, Pulse has proven the reliability and uptime of ILL that supports VoIP without compromise. Find out more by reading our article on VoIP and ILL's exceptional qualities.

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