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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing The Solution for Global Collaboration

With Direct Routing, Microsoft Teams becomes a comprehensive and centralized platform for all your business communication needs, combining messaging, video conferencing, and now, voice calling
Pulse collaboration with Microsoft Teams

How does Direct Routing work?

Direct Routing connects Microsoft TEAMS to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) through SIP Trunking by way of Session Border Controller (SBC). You can make and receive calls from any number through Direct Routing.
Refer to our Detailed Guide to know more.

Why Direct Routing?

Cost Savings

Pulse offers a very low-cost Calling Plan when compared to Microsoft’s calling plans.

Enhances Remote Working

With Remote Working set to continue for the foreseeable future, Direct Routing is ideal for remote work as calls can be made from any device and from anywhere.
Remote Working

Why Direct Routing with Pulse?

End to End Unified Communications Service Provider

Experience seamless International and Domestic Calling Solutions through Pulse.

Quick Setup and Number Porting

A very simple onboarding process. Your existing numbers can be easily ported into our system. Ensures Business Continuity.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Make the most of your platform with our advanced reporting measures and analytics.

Secure System

Pulse’s infrastructure is hosted on AWS and it is built to withstand the full potential of the cloud with multiple redundancies.

Connect with anyone, anywhere with Pulse Direct Routing Services.

By enabling Direct Routing, you get phone system features like

Call Transfer

Effortlessly move live calls to other devices or people with call transfer.

Call Queue

Improve call management by directing callers to a queue and routing them to available agents.

Call Routing

Optimize call handling by automatically directing calls to the most appropriate destination.

Auto Attendant

Streamline call answering and routing with an automated auto attendant system.


Never miss a message again - store and retrieve voicemails easily with a personalized mailbox.
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