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Number Masking for Customer Privacy & Security

Outbound Call Center Software
 January 15, 2022

If you run a business in today's world, you will know that customers value three things:

  • Top Quality
  • Great Service
  • Absolute Privacy

Occasionally, customers may overlook quality and service, but never will they tolerate any compromise to their privacy. Especially not when they have to divulge their personal phone numbers to avail a service.

Ever since we adopted digitalisation, data privacy has been a top concern. Phone Number Masking is perfect in a world where data breaches and cyberattacks are commonplace. Continue reading to discover how number masking provides the level of security you need to protect your customer-related information.

An Intro to Number Masking & How it Works

Number masking is what the name implies. It is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution that effectively "masks" your customer's number with a temporary one. This solution provides a replacement number for both parties that lasts for the call duration.

For example, if your customer uses your app to book a cab, the server automatically masks their number with a temporary one. When cab drivers call your customer to confirm their location, they will only be able to connect with the temporary number. Therefore, your customer's real number is digitally protected and never revealed.

Why Number Masking?

Despite its apparent simplicity, number masking has deeper implications for Customer Experience, particularly for service-oriented businesses. Every day, lakhs of customers order food, book a taxi ride, and shop online through these services. And all customers value their privacy regardless of the service they choose. This is where number masking comes into play.

Without its discretion, businesses could land themselves in trouble if customers' numbers are revealed or used inappropriately. This breach of privacy could lead to:

  • Hefty financial penalty
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of customers

How does number masking work?

When a customer calls the service number, the number masking software routes the caller's number to a replacement number. This proxy number connects the customer with the provider who delivers the service. When the call is completed, the proxy number returns to the pool and is reused for a different connection.

Pulse provides number masking as a part of its unified communication services for businesses in India. Powered by cutting-edge technology, our call masking services fulfil all your customer requirements regarding privacy and security. Sign up for Pulse's number masking and gain multiple benefits for your business.

4 Notable Perks Of Using Number Masking

While it is true that privacy is the leading benefit of using number masking, this communication solution is worth your investment for the following reasons:

1. Strengthens your customer base.

Many services require customers to share their personal numbers. Number masking effectively curbs all vulnerable loopholes that exploit their privacy, therefore making customers feel safe and secure. This privacy is something that all customers expect. More customers are likely to join the fold when you deliver exactly what they want.

2. Delivers great Customer Experience

Did you know that number masking's automated call-back button cuts customers' waiting time to less than 20 seconds? This feature:

  • Improves call quality
  • Establishes consistency in response times
  • Attracts potential customers
  • Boosts brand recognition and value
  • Helps earn customer's trust

When you earn your customer's trust, you automatically improve your chances of establishing your presence in your niche market.

3. Gives you automated communication.

Number masking is a technology-driven solution that automates your communication and gives you the freedom to:

  • Monitor inbound, outbound, and active calls
  • Glean insights about time and call duration
  • Track calls to measure agent performance
  • Use analytics to optimise your services.

When using number masking, you do not need an operator to manually connect the two parties.

4. Allows you to save costs.

One of the best benefits of using number masking is that you won't have to purchase local numbers for your business locations. With this one solution, you can meet the communication requirements of all your enterprise branches. In addition to saving money, you can also expand geographically at a minimal cost.

So, what are the businesses that benefit from number masking? This top-of-the-line communication tool is becoming increasingly popular across industries. However, it has become indispensable for service-oriented businesses and e-commerce ventures that deal with thousands of customers every day. Let's explore the best use cases.

Top 5 Use Cases Of Number Masking

#1. Healthcare

In the current scenario, doctors rely on on-call and video consultations to render medical services due to safety concerns. Many are reluctant to share their original numbers for fear of being bombarded with calls. Number masking allows doctors to safely interact without such worries. The software displays a temporary number that becomes invalid once the interaction is over. Hence, the patient receives the necessary medical guidance, and the doctor can carry on their duty in peace.

#2. Transport

Ride share apps are one of the prime use cases of number masking. It helps drivers and passengers connect safely with each other without sharing their personal numbers. Number masking protects the passengers and ensures the safety of thousands of drivers while on the job.

#3. Ecommerce

Number masking facilitates safe and comfortable vendor-buyer interactions for e-commerce businesses. These interactions are the lifelines of delivery services and online shopping portals to track leads and ensure consistent customer service.

#4. Remote teams

Nowadays, number masking is popular amongst remote teams who use it to contact customers from their own devices. They can use a business number to connect with customers. Number masking helps protect their personal information and maintain their professional credibility during business calls.

#5. Global customers

Call masking is a useful tool for global teams calling customers in different regions and countries. This clever solution displays the local phone number of your business in the region or country, even if you call from a different location. For example, an employee based in India can use a Mexican caller ID number instead of an Indian number to contact a customer based in Mexico. Customers are more likely to answer when they see a local number on their caller ID.

There is no doubt that number masking is here to stay. Due to its fast-growing popularity, people often confuse number masking with "virtual numbers". Do both terms mean the same thing? No. We conclude our article with a list of easily-identifiable differences.

Masked Numbers Vs Virtual Numbers: The Prime Differences

A masked number is a temporary number that works as soon as a call is initiated. It connects both parties and lasts until the call is complete. A single masked number can be reused any number of times to protect the identity of both the connecting parties.

On the other hand, a virtual phone number is a permanent solution connected to an individual or a business. Their primary objective is to help the business establish a local presence or curb expenses on long-distance calls. Unlike a masked number, virtual numbers do not prioritise customer security and privacy.

Winding Up

To value your customers is to protect their privacy at all costs. Your business will thrive, survive, and grow if you cater to this requirement with number masking. So, invest in it today! In case of any queries, we are here to assist!

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