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Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer For Businesses in India

Are you an entrepreneur, a B2B or B2C service provider or an SME looking for cost effective cloud telephony solutions for your agency? Your search ends right here with Pulse’s Cloud Based Predictive Dialer. Our predictive dialer systems allows you to make thousands of outbound calls to your customers simultaneously. Our solutions seamlessly align with your broadcasting, IVR, and call centre scenarios and reinforce your communication management.

As a leader in the telecommunication industry, our Hi-Tech progressive and predictive dialer systems are designed to help refine your service levels and KPIs. Measure your agents’ performance and boost their productivity!

Predictive Dialer

A highly- sophisticated automated system integrated with the basic CRM to key in the caller information and customised the fields as per the project. This predictive model employs pacing algorithms and calls multiple numbers and forwards the call to your agent only when a person has been contacted.

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Progressive Dialer

An automated technique that gives time between the first and subsequent calls but dials the numbers as automated.

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Manual Dialer

A manual dialing technique where the agents manually dial the customers' numbers one after another by referring to a preloaded list or entering the details manually. This basic or traditional dialer is ideal for small to medium call centres and BPO companies.

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Notable Features of Pulse Predictive Dialer Solutions, India

  • Campaign based dialing system to automatically initiate the calls from a centralised machine to save time and boost productivity.
  • Built-in CRM with a default system for recording, call forwarding, API, language-based routing, and customisation.
  • An intelligent tool that detects answering machines and allows agents to leave a voice mail or a pre-recorded voice message.
  • Real-time reports and dashboards to help call centre managers and agents identify issues, perform real-time analysis, take timely decisions, and implement reactive changes.
  • Advanced technology to filter out deterrents like busy signals, unanswered calls etc. resulting in more connected calls.
  • Useful voice broadcasting feature that helps relay priority information to multiple customers simultaneously.

Power Ahead With Pulse's Progressive Dialer Software

Proven Use Cases of Pulse's Predictive Dialing Software

Sales Conversions

Pulse Dialer is integrated with the CRM and calling platform. Agents can conduct contextual conversations in real-time and update customer details in the CRM. Thus, it helps optimise the customer journey and increases conversion rates.

Call Recording

Pulse's automated dialers allow managers to track all interactions and conversations, agent's performance and call quality by recording calls.

High Volume

Increases the ability of a call centre or BPO agency to handle huge call flows. The automated dialing algorithms allow you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and exhaust leads quickly.

Wider Audience

Aids to promote your services or products to your existing customers and future prospects by efficiently reaching out to a vast customer base. It also helps to boost your sales and collect valuable customer feedback.

A diagrammatic representation of the benefits of predictive dialing software

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The Answers to Your Queries About Predictive Dialer

What is the function of Pulse's call centre dialer?

Pulse's call centre dialer is an automated service with features like bulk dialing, Live Monitoring and customised fields. Our software is powered by intelligent algorithms that use call statistics and metrics to predict agent availability. This enhances outbound calling efficiency and improve call connect rates. Agents can, therefore, directly connect to an end-user and not waste time dialing numbers manually. Additionally, our system facilitates concurrent calling to improve lead quality.

How can I collect a list of the call recordings?

With Pulse's cloud dialer, you can download the call recordings from the dashboard. The software is designed to store the recordings for a month, and this duration can also be increased to suit your requirements. Moreover, call recordings can also be directed to your drive, S3 bucket, or FTP.

Can you list the features of your predictive dialer software?

Our call centre dialer is loaded with the following features:

  • Call reschedules
  • Rescheduling reasons
  • POP up on scheduled calls
  • Hung Up requested information
  • Call recordings
  • Detailed missed call reports
  • Customised fields
  • Easy customisation
  • Built-in CRM
  • Campaign-based dialing

What are types of call centre dialers do Pulse offers?

We offer three types of dialers:

  • Progressive Dialer
    Phone dialers call the number from uploaded leads but wait for the agent's next call to be made.
  • Predictive Dialer
    Calls are automatically made to multiple numbers, but your agent receives a call only if a person is contacted.
  • Manual Dialer
    Manual dialers allow the agents to dial numbers either from a list or by manually using a keypad.

What is the process to set up an auto dialer?

To set up a cloud auto dialer, you have to create campaigns, upload leads and assigns agents to respective campaigns. All agents will require a desktop, headphones, and good internet connectivity for a seamless experience.

Does Pulse provide customised reporting or dashboards for call centre solutions?

Yes, Pulse provides customised solutions with dashboards and reports as per your business requirements. We also do API integration to upload the leads, and the fields can also be tailored to suit your processes.

Are the cloud hosted based predictive dialers only suited for sales teams?

Cloud hosted predictive dialers help accelerate the operations of your sales teams in a blended (outbound and inbound) or outbound call centre environment. Further, these systems are also useful for businesses such as retail, real estate, banking industry and other companies that prioritise lead generation. Some industry use cases for predictive dialers include election campaigns, debt collection, product promotion, market research, etc.

Can I use existing business numbers for call centre setups?

Yes, we can integrate your old phone numbers with additional gateways with our cloud contact centre solutions. For customised installation requirements or support, please get in touch with us.

How will your auto dialer boost my business communication?

Pulse's auto dialer:

  • Saves time by facilitating a scalable and streamlined outbound calling process.
  • Reduces idle time and improves the agent's productivity.
  • Handles large call volumes, enhances your customer journey and helps increase your sales prospects.
  • Generates and converts more leads, thus improving your revenue and growth potential.

How will I benefit from using your outbound call centre dialers?

Our outbound call centre dialers will:

  • Increase dial rates.
  • Allow supervisor monitoring and control.
  • Improve conversion ratios.
  • Minimise negative call results.
  • Improve efficiency.
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