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What Is A Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated phone system that accurately dials multiple phone numbers simultaneously and only connects agents to answered calls. It increases the call rate by connecting agents with as many customers as possible.

Predictive dialling systems use CPA, answering machine detection, and computer telephony integration. A cloud predictive dialer can screen out busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected lines, fax machines, and fax machines that have not been answered.

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How Do Predictive dialers Work: An Analysis

Predictive dialers software makes calls on the agent's behalf. They do this by using mathematical algorithms that predict how long a call will take and how many dials it will take to make a connection. When using predictive dialer software, different call patterns are analysed to determine how effective the system is and how the best results can be achieved. The system does not need human intervention, and all calls are treated equally.

Predictive dialer software aims to increase agent performance and sales by automatically dialling numbers when the agent is about to wrap up a call.

The predictive dialer software allows you to keep track of the number of in-progress calls, the number of available agents and to preview the quality of incoming calls.

If a call goes unanswered, the predictive dialer moves on to the next number in a pre-set list, resulting in minimal downtime and a seamless flow of live calls.

Predictive dialers For Businesses & Its Main Features

Why should businesses use Predictive dialer software? The answer is simple. If you do not use modern solutions to optimise your call centre, you may face the following challenges:

  • Limitations imposed by the regulations governing the contact rates
  • Lack of structure and cohesion in the scheduling.

Moreover, out-of-date technology makes it impossible to meet sales targets because agents have to look at call sheets and key in sequences by hand, and they are more likely to make mistakes.

A successful call centre improvement strategy begins with selecting a technology stack that can deliver a high-quality customer experience. A comprehensive call centre technology stack eliminates the need to use multiple tools, platforms, and systems.

A cloud-based predictive dialer makes the transition to a virtual call centre, useful for businesses that provide omni-channel solutions. Predictive dialer systems are usually customised to meet specific needs. For example, they make agents unavailable for a predetermined time after a call ends.

Predictive dialling has features that make it easy for your agents to track their clients' progress and keep track of their overall performance. The three main features are:

Conference Calls

Agents can connect to ongoing calls using predictive dialers as a third party. These services are free of charge. An agent will call the client to set up a conference call. When the first call is connected, the dialer calls the number of the agent you wish to speak with. Once the second person receives the call, you connect both calls simultaneously using the call conferencing feature.

Pacing Ratio

You can get the most out of every agent using predictive dialer software. For instance, the dialer automatically dials multiple numbers for one agent. Usually, it occurs when an agent is on a call and about to end it. It ensures that the agent doesn't have to wait too long before contacting a new client. Companies can change the pacing ratio to improve the performance and sales of their agents.

Do Not Call

DNC or Do Not Call is a feature that allows you to limit telemarketing phone calls. Predictive dialers are legal, but a company that calls numbers without first obtaining consent from the owner of those numbers will land itself in legal trouble.
To avoid breaking the law, you should create and maintain a Do Not Call (DNC) database and investigate the various auto-dialer solutions available.

Campaign Management

Multiple campaigns can be created simultaneously from a single login with a predictive dialer. Management can also customise marketing campaigns as desired.

Prospective customers can be uploaded into predictive dialers for specific campaigns, saving agents time because they already know the list of clients who need to be contacted.

Predictive dialer comes with more features like call monitoring, call recording, reports and analytics, Voicemail, custom disposition, etc. All these features lead to a higher quality of conversation, better customer service and a lower cost of operation.

Predictive dialer & Its Noteworthy Benefits

Investing in Predictive dialer rewards you with amazing benefits. A Predictive dialer can:

  • Connect your agents to qualified leads, even if they receive inbound calls.
  • Help communication in a diverse range of businesses
  • Enhance business-to-consumer applications that use direct-dial numbers and short, consistent calls.
  • Automate your call centre so you can handle as many calls as possible in the shortest amount of time
  • Increases agent productivity and accelerates the sales process in outbound call centres.
  • Allow agents to place calls without incurring additional costs, especially in telemarketing businesses.
  • Help you stay in touch with your customers, market more products, and reduce the amount of time your agents spend dialing.
  • Allows you to comply with consumer protection regulations and other laws.

Predictive dialer Services From Pulse

The best solution for your business will depend on the nature of your business, but the simplest solution is to use a cloud-hosted dialer and call centre software package. Pulse Unified Communication Service Provider India offers Predictive dialer Services to optimise your call times.

Pulse's predictive dialers support a large number of agents, allow for customization, and can be used to refine your call centre workflows and KPIs. To switch to cloud-based predictive dialer, call our team today!

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