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Predictive Or Progressive Dialer: How To Pick The Right One?

Predictive dialer Versus Progressive dialer- Choosing one that meets your call centre requirements, but making the right choice can be quite a dilemma. Especially if you don't know what you are looking for. Different types of dialers can be found in call centres around the world. Cloud call centres use advanced, automated dialing modes for two reasons:
  1. To optimise call centre metrics such as talk time and agent productivity
  2. To minimise costs.
Basic call centre dialers can streamline outbound calls and make more calls faster. When it comes to progressive and cloud predictive dialers, both assist contact centres with automating and expediting outbound phone calls. Hence, there is no right or wrong answer, but you need to choose a dialer that meets your company's requirements. To make a wise choice, you need to understand the dialers, their features, and their benefits.
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Progressive Dialer & Its Important Details

The progressive dialer is a type of auto dialer capable of reducing the time on the phone by making one call for each available agent. Here's a gist of how a Progressive Dialer works. It:
  • Places outbound calls based on the agent's availability to take the next call
  • Dials numbers randomly and eliminates the wait time between calls
  • Automates the process of outbound calls by dialing numbers automatically
  • Waits for agents to finish their current call before dialing the next number
Progressive dialers reduce the amount of time spent waiting between calls. They can't make as many calls as predictive dialers, but they ensure that agents are always available to speak with customers. Apart from this, progressive dialers also deliver various other benefits. They:
  • Allows agents to work more productively.
  • Streamlines the outbound call process
  • Allows the agent to concentrate on the respondents
  • Allows them to gather relevant information before placing a call.
  • Helps call centres reduce the number of abandoned calls.
  • Maintains a steady stream of communication.
Progressive dialers are the most appropriate for reducing call abandonment rates. On the flip side, agent productivity is low when a progressive dialer is used because they have to call three people before getting one live respondent to speak with. Therefore, you will need to hire additional outbound agents to deal with the increased volume of phone calls from progressive dialers.

Predictive Dialers: The Cloud-Based Solution

The predictive dialer can make outbound calls before an agent is available to take the next call. This allows contact centres to decrease the time agents spend sitting idle by increasing the number of calls received.

How does a predictive dialer work? A predictive dialer uses statistical algorithms to determine whether an agent is available and how much time an agent will need to spend on customer calls. Predictive dialer software allows businesses to automatically place outbound phone calls and quickly detect disconnected lines, busy tones, answering machines, and voice mails.

Predictive dialers assist contact centres in managing large-scale outbound marketing campaigns without hiring additional agents. It is also possible to handle more outbound calls in a shorter amount of time by using predictive dialers. They are best suited for contact centres that want to optimise their efficiency while maintaining the quality of interactions. Predictive dialers automatically dial numbers from a list of contacts when a user selects them from a list of contacts and routes them to a specific live agent. This increases agent talk time per hour by 300 to 400%.

Predictive dialers is one of the best telecom solutions for high volume because they are equipped with sophisticated features to make it easier to administer marketing campaigns. With AI and machine learning, predictive dialers can connect agents with customers instantly by connecting them to existing leads and eliminating the need to search through contact lists.

Cloud-based predictive dialers are very effective because they:

  • Allow customer service agents to see the next number on their list before answering the call.
  • Are equipped with sophisticated features to simplify the implementation of marketing campaigns.
  • Compensate for unsuccessful calls and redials calls until a line is available.
  • Connect leads even before an agent is available and transfer calls to the next available agent.
  • Increase your agents' call rates and reduce call abandonments, helping to optimise your agents' time.
  • Use historical data to increase the likelihood of making a connection with a prospect.
  • Increase the number of calls and decrease the time your agents spend between calls
  • Decrease employee burnout and turnover

However, a word of caution:

Remember that predictive dialing does not support illegal outbound calling practises or spam bombardments. Before deploying your system, consult with your service provider and legal team.

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