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Auto Dialler or Cloud Predictive dialler: How To Make A Choice?

Technology has allowed businesses and call centres to connect with customers in more advanced ways. A call centre software selection should be based on your requirements. Call centres need to use the right software to reach out to their clients effectively and convert more leads. To manage their customer databases and contact lists, businesses use automatic dialers. Auto and cloud predictive dialers are among the most prominent choices preferred by organisations.

The History of Auto Dialers:

Auto dialers were first introduced in the early years of the call centre industry. They allow for greater efficiency. The first automatic dialers were used by banks in the 1940s and were semi-automatic devices that required employees to press a key on their keyboards to use them. With the advancement of call centre technology, auto-dialers have come a long way. Basic auto-dialers outperform manual dialers when performing outbound dial campaigns.

When the technology became available, businesses started using more advanced communication methods with their customers. Automatic and predictive dialers are used widely in call centres to manage customer databases.

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Why Do Organisations Need Auto Or Cloud Predictive Dialers?

To generate new and productive leads, businesses should use cloud-hosted dialers.

The Auto and Predictive Dialers help call centres to be more productive in their operations by distributing the phone calls among the available agents and ensuring that agents reach more customers. These are result-oriented outbound marketing solutions that address every marketing need that businesses may have. 

Auto Dialer
An automated dialer connects the caller to a call centre representative while at the same time playing a recorded message if the call is answered. The customer service agents would have to upload a list of contacts to start a campaign. The auto dialer just dials the numbers in sequence from the uploaded contact list. An auto dialer system is most suitable for a startup or an SMB that have a small support team.

A Cloud Predictive Dialer
A cloud predictive dialer leverages pacing algorithms to statistically predict and compute the median length of an ongoing call and determine the agent availability. They then dial multiple contacts simultaneously so that agents can connect with the greatest number of potential customers. Cloud predictive dialers are also sophisticated systems that can be tailored according to business requirements. For example, if a company wants to blend its applications such as IVR, or is looking for cloud telephony integration, a predictive dialer can handle this need effortlessly. These are most suited for large companies and enterprises that have numerous agents and high call volumes.

An automated dialer connects the caller to a call centre representative while at the same time playing a recorded message if the call is answered. A cloud predictive dialer can dial multiple contacts simultaneously so that agents can connect with the greatest number of potential customers.

Call centres can thus benefit from advanced call centre dialers that increase their productivity. These dialers allow call centre agents to make more customer calls in shorter durations and subsequently increase sales opportunities.

Auto Dialer & Predictive Dialers: A Closer Look

Auto Dialer

Auto diallers are used to increase sales and connect with customers. They are a complete call centre solution for agents who work from home or other remote locations. A cloud-based auto dialler for a healthy work culture can greatly assist call centres experiencing operational difficulties.

How they work

Auto dialers allow your computer to play an audio recording over a telephone line using a voice modem. Some auto-dialers use voice detection to determine whether a human answered the phone or went to voice mail and then connects the call to a live operator or a recorded message.

The best auto-dialers are easy and intuitive to use. They can save you time in the training process. Auto dialers with predictive dialing are also available. But they require a great deal of configuration. On the contrary, simple auto-dialers are easy to use and have straightforward configurations.

Predictive Dialler

A predictive dialer is a software application that automates calling contacts, allowing a call centre to maximise the number of calls connected per day.

Predictive dialing software sequentially dials the numbers stored in a database and transfers the call to an available agent when a live person answers on the other end.

The predictive dialer integrates with other business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook to anticipate customer needs. It uses complex algorithms to identify the most appropriate customer to call.

Benefits of Predictive dialer

Large companies can use predictive dialers to establish customer connections and make outbound phone calls. It is also ideal for contact centres with many agents to help avoid call drop-outs. Its simple call distribution method with limited configuration allows for higher call connect rates.

Predictive dialer increases productivity by a factor of several hundred per cent, and both customers and call centre employees can benefit from the most efficient use of their valuable time.

Similarities Between Auto & Cloud Predictive Dialers

Both Predictive and auto-diallers:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce downtime
  • Are completely automated
  • Use call metrics to predict agent availability
  • Allow agents to make more calls
  • Generate qualified more quickly
  • Ensure a consistent flow of calls to representatives
  • Reduce agent idle time
  • Increase talk time

Tips To Improve Your Business With Auto & Predictive Dialers

Depending on the size of your customer base, you may prefer to use a preview dialer or a progressive dialer. Below are some tips on optimising outbound calls to boost sales in your call centre and create a positive culture.

1. Identify the features that are needed for your call centre, such as

  • Opt-out management
  • CRM integration
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Speech recognition
  • IVR capability.

2. Make sure your objectives, metrics, and KPIs are clearly defined and share them with your sales representatives.

3. Data tracking is essential for a predictive dialer or auto dialer to work well. It increases qualified leads and conversion rates.

4. Train your sales and support reps to avoid relying too heavily on scripts.

5. Increase the size of your call centre, evaluate data, hire sales or support representatives, and analyse call data to evaluate the performance of each representative.

6. Use a variety of communication channels such as SMS, email, and chat to engage customers and build relationships.

7. Set sales quotas that are difficult to meet but not impossible to achieve. Recognise and reward top performers, keep a record of customer interactions and conduct periodic reviews.

The Bottom Line

A predictive dialer or an autodialer is similar to taking a high-speed commuter train to work. They eliminate the need for searching through the contact database or manually dialling a customer phone number, thus improving agent productivity and saving you time and money. It is important to partner with a reliable telecom solutions provider.

Pulse provides predictive, auto, and manual dialers that can be customised according to your requirements. Further, our customer support centre is also equipped with trained technicians to address all your hardware and software challenges. To know more about our automated and predictive dialer services, don't hesitate to contact our team.

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