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Criteria To Look For In A Cloud Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer automatically dials multiple numbers from a contact list simultaneously. It increases the efficiency of outbound call centres because it skips over busy signals, disconnected numbers, and voicemails. The predictive dialer software utilises an intelligent algorithm to determine the availability of agents and automatically adjust the speed of call routing. As a result, it balances the workload required by agents and the allowed abandonment rate.

In the current communication scenario, Predictive dialers have increased in importance because of the results they produce. Besides, Cloud Predictive dialers are unavoidable if you aim to increase the number of customers connected while making a smaller investment. Call centres that use a cloud-based predictive dialer can reduce the number of agents and the number of call lines to make more calls.

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A Predictive dialer:

  • Increases the efficiency of your sales team
  • Automates the process of contacting customers
  • Decrease agents' idle time and increases productivity
  • Manages your leads through email, phone, chat, mobile, and social media
  • Improves call agent efficiency, customer experience, and lead management

There are three types of dialers- Progressive, predictive and auto-dialers. Progressive dialers initiate outbound phone calls, auto-dialers distribute connected calls among available agents, and predictive dialers dial multiple contacts at once to maximise efficiency.

If you are thinking about investing in predictive dialers, there are some important criteria to look out for to ensure that your choice gives you maximum output. Below is a list of the criteria you should tick off when choosing a predictive dialer for your business.

Predictive dialer Implementation: Factors To Consider

When implementing predictive dialing software in a call centre, several factors must be considered. They include:

Lead Management

A call centre's predictive dialer must include a lead management feature to ensure positive results in the long run. A predictive dialer with lead management takes care of the call history and connects customers with the correct agent.

Legal Compliance

Legal compliance in telemarketing is challenging without the assistance of a cloud-based predictive dialer, but you can easily comply with legislation for automatic dialling by using the right tool. Outbound calling is strictly regulated by law. Predictive dialers can help you comply with all applicable regulations, even if you have to control every aspect of your call manually.

CRM Integration

A CRM system should be easily integrated into a predictive dialer for efficient work. The majority of predictive dialers integrate with Salesforce CRMs and allow you to quickly organise lead data and sales information, show the caller ID, and create a superior customer engagement environment for your call agents.

Call Analytics

Predictive dialers provide a complete and detailed report of all outbound calls made and agents connected. A detailed report on calls, campaigns, key performance indicators, and agent productivity can be an asset to a call centre. This report helps determine the overall success of the outbound calls that have been placed. A predictive dialer should also be equipped with an algorithm that tracks conversations to ensure the highest possible connection rate.

Your Vendor

When using a cloud-based call centre solution, the responsibility for technical support is on the vendor's shoulders. So, you should make sure that the vendor is responsive and reliable. Although most vendors appear to be trustworthy, not all of them are. Read through customer reviews and request references from your network to make the best decision.


Price is the next criterion on the list. Every business leader loves to hear that they'll save time and money. You can use an open-source predictive dialer for free, but you'll have to pay a fee for extended use. A comprehensive call centre solution is another option. The former is a good one-time solution. However, the latter is ideal for long-term results.


dialers should be able to customise the calling rate based on the number of agents and the team's strength. When time-zone based calling and various ringing strategies are used, the likelihood of connecting agents with customers with a higher probability increases. Features like Ring All, Round-Robin and Memory Round Robin allow you to ring agents at specific intervals, depending on your specific needs. With customisable options, it also becomes easier for the user to enter different types of customer information.


Scalability is important if you plan to expand your company in the future or run a seasonal business. Before purchasing a dialer, check to see how it handles large call volumes, responds after modifications, and how quickly it allows you to add new operators.

Cloud Predictive dialers: A Great Asset For Businesses

When managing your sales team, increasing profits, and delighting customers, you don't want to waste time training employees to do mediocre work. You should aim to make every effort to provide excellent customer service by lowering your operating expenses. The trick is to choose a Predictive dialer that aligns with your call centre or business objectives. Therefore, before making any final decisions, make sure you understand the product you purchase. Most software development companies are willing to demo their products.

Additionally, if you want to be in business for a long period, you should look at how many agents can use the Predictive dialer and how quickly they can be added or removed.

A Few Final Words

Predictive dialer offered by Pulse, Unified Communication Service Provider, India, is the best choice for dialer software. Pulse's predictive dialer software lets you respond to your customers and clients faster by providing highly customisable reports. It also increases your productivity and contact rate while adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.

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