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A telephone switchboard to connect different parts of a telephone system

PRI - Primary Rate Interface

Seven pink and orange colored telephone systems are interconnected using lines and nodes.
What is a PRI Service?

PRI is a telecommunications standard for carrying voice and data transmissions between the Service Provider Exchange and the customer's Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange (EPABX).

It's a Trunk solution of 2 Mbps capacity with 30B-channel which carries data, voice or other services and 1D-channel which carries control and signalling information.

E1 PRI is required to be terminated on a PRI Card in an EPABX.

Each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing, or two-way, allowing highly effective management of voice traffic.

Each PRI has a Pilot Number, this provides the customer the convenience of having a single number to remember the board line as well for billing

A telephone has three sub divisions: a hand holding receiver of a telephone, fax device, and a smart phone with three person symbols overlaid.

Advantages of PRI

  • Effective savings in telecom expenses by utilizing FCV
  • Customized solution by doing pooling across rate plans across different geographical locations
  • Centralized billing
  • National as well as location-wise spend analysis

PRI - Effective Solutions for SME'S

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