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Revenue Cycle Management

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 June 20, 2020

Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare Revenue Management, Medical Billing, AR Calling, names may be distinctive. Yet, not one size fits a wide range of arrangements as we say every one of the five fingers are not the equivalent.

Cloud Telephony Solution customized for RCM Companies:

Here is the place where Pulse Telesystems becomes an essential part with its Cloud Telephony Solution customized for RCM Companies. It has set its banner on high for years with its different highlights and advantages, helping the RCM Companies deal with their Operations to their fullest potential with negligible capital and user-friendly.

In the current Covid situation, telecommuting is simply the best answer for guaranteeing the security of self and our community. Our Pulse RCM Cloud Solutions is an ideal choice to work from home and depend upon Mobile data /Home broadband connections. Pulse Telesystems consistently guaranteed our full attention and assured us to offer customizable cloud-based VoIP solutions for RCM customers to meet their particular arrangements or necessities.

laptop and phone side by side depicting webphone usagePulse Cloud RCM Solution's notable highlights, such as call whisper, call recording, call monitoring, call queue, three-way call conferencing, DTMF, call barging, IVR, voice message to email, call reporting, and a lot more extra highlights, made us the favored accomplice in the Healthcare RCM industry.
Additionally, an organization's achievement depends on understanding the customer's prerequisite, supporting them, and assisting with appropriate solutions. Pulse Telesystems has effectively denoted its image from 2003 and continues the journey with major RCM Companies in India as our prestigious clients.

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